To All The Sports Reporters Who Cover The CFL...

To All The Sports Reporters Who Cover The CFL…

To Bruce Arthur, Damian Cox, Steve Simmons, Stephen Brunt, Arash Madani, Bob McClown :

I know you gentlemen are JUST sports reporters - meaning you finished in the bottom tenth of your journalism class. And, as a result, you get a pass because readers don’t expect much from you in the way of “real reporting” but…

It’s that time of year when Larry Tanenbaum whispers in your ear about how much money the Argos lost. Of course, you immediately run to your computer and report the losses without asking follow up questions like a “real” reporter would. Questions like :

How did the Argos lose that much money?

Are any of the losses from non football costs that will go away in future years (stadium renovations, etc)?

Have things improved financially in the last 12 / 24 months?

Do you see a light at the end of the financial tunnel?

Now, it won’t be easy because math is hard you’re thinking, “If I wanted to ask tough questions, I would have been something other than a sports reporter”, and that’s fair. But, just once, PLEASE try. We CFL fans would really appreciate it.

Thank you…
Kevin Riley

but Kevin, how do you know they didn’t. Did you ask them the tough questions? :slight_smile:

LOL. I tried but they feel the only thing tougher than asking the tough questions, is answering them.

The “real reporters” aren’t doing so hot these days, either.

Nobody reads sports news in papers these days, well not the average sports fan I’d say, it’s all about “what did you say in front of a camera and microphone”.

Did I miss some story about the Argonauts losses for 2018?
What is this all about?

After every season, the local "sports reporters" announce (with great pleasure) how much the Argos lost. As per my letter, none of them dig into the details of the loss. I am hoping one of them sees my letter and does.

But when it's about the jays losses your up in arms in joy without demanding an indepth explaination...
Hypocrisy runs deep in you

Its not hypocrisy. If Jays fans want an "indepth explaination" [i][sic][/i], thats on them because I don’t care.

As a CFL fan, I want an “indepth explaination” [sic] when it comes to the Argos.

Sure it is...

You can explain it away all you want but it still there.
Even if you had an explaination theres nothing that YOU are going to do to fix it.
Maybe these writers don't know they just know the numbers and not the why's

I don't trust the numbers myself..some make no sense at all

Re : “You can explain it away all you want but it still there [sic].”

What’s still there?

Re : "Even if you had an explaination theres [sic] nothing that YOU are going to do to fix it. "

If we had an “explaination” [sic], we’d have a better perspective on what can be done, if anything. “Theres” [sic] more to the story.

Re : "Maybe these writers don’t know they just know the numbers and not the why’s "

True, but I want to know why and they should as well. That’s what reporters do - dig and get the whole story. At least that’s what they’re suppose to do.

You probably won't find this helpful, but if they lose money it's because expenses are higher than revenues. You likely have a pretty good idea where revenues come from (broadcast rights and ticket sales), as well as the major sources of costs (player salaries, other football ops, marketing, rent, etc.).

Argos sell fewer tickets than anyone, so their revenues will be the lowest in the league. Not a huge surprise if they lose money.

As for "real" reporters finding out the other info you want them to, I'm not aware of any private companies that answer such questions even if they are asked.

Teams make adjustments based on the type of season they’re having.

For instance, in Winnipeg the bombers, teetering on the precipice of an awful season - with a fellow weak team (Montreal) coming in this weekend have introduced valu-pricing for hot dogs, drinks, etc. at a price point of $3 - usually $5.50 to $7

Also, substantial discounts on tickets plus 1/2 price on valu-parking (1/4 to 1/2 mile from stadium) at $5 vs. usual $10.

Bombers know they have a problem - they’ve got tons of meat in their freezers and trying to off-load it, even at reduced prices. An unsold ticket voucher isn’t worth much money until about 50 to 100 years after the event - as ephemera!

Don’t know if other teams are trying such tactics to keep cash flow, reduce spoilage, etc.

Why don't you take the trouble to actually send them your letter as opposed to just hoping they'll see it here?


I just might. :slight_smile:

There are certain facets that a reporter should be investigating, like sponsorship and advertising revenues, which are tough to guess at, and then there's the fact that the Argos rent goes to MLSE, so how that is being calculated should be considered.

As a private company, they of course have the right to decline answering, but reporters should at least be asking the questions and printing such concerns before they simply relay info they've been given by these companies.

And deliver the letter personally and give the fatcats a couple of good shots to the head as a first warning.


They would go to the presser and ask if Tavares likes Toronto better than New York . :slight_smile:

The CFL media are not solid enough to ask any bigger questions still can’t believe none of them followed the Braley story and the ownership problems in Toronto with a little more depth from C and S to MLSE you have a large saga with York U to BMO .

You would find clues everywhere in the news from Lieweke days and so forth .

They all would signal something with gestures and quotes in the news for years .

The CFL in Toronto is very big story that is not being expressed properly by our news hounds .

Politicians , Corporate personalities and the CFL governors have a story that is being
left quiet maybe for a reason .

Maybe we can’t handle the truth .

I think my letter is fair. To smugly report the Argos lost $10M(?) and not break down how a CFL team could possibly lose that much is absurd. Why not ask the question?

Perhaps the owners poured $7M into a new changeroom?
Perhaps they wrote off previous losses from the move to BMO?
Perhaps Rogers insisted a bunch of losses had to be on the books before they bought it?

And, if that’s the case, let us know because it puts a different spin on the numbers.

I’m NOT asking these guys to be Bob Woodward but do your job and ask the question.

Re : “They would go to the presser and ask if Tavares likes Toronto better than New York . :)”

That’s my point. Most people don’t take sports reporters seriously and I’m not sure they take themselves seriously. But they should be able to ask questions other than :

Did you give 100%?

What do you think of your opponent?

Are you happy with your contract?

But they don’t.

Again, assuming L.T. is the source, ask him how it happened when other teams are able to break even. Drill down. Ask to see the Argos books. If that’s a no, ask him for more details.

Don’t just get a number and tweet it.

Re : “The CFL media are not solid enough to ask any bigger questions”

Agree, but why not?

A few years back, a young kid on Yahoo Sports broke down the Argos numbers. If he can do it, if he can dig deeper and question the numbers, Bruce Arthur can’t? Steve Simmons can’t? Damian Cox can’t?

Heck, Damian Cox still uses C&S as a source on Argo stories.

Re : “Maybe we can’t handle the truth .”

I can handle the truth as long as we get the whole story because, all too often, the numbers don’t jive.