To all the "fans" who wanted to boycott

I hope you aren't on here now. Please go away. As I mentioned before this team is going through hard times right now but when we do win again its going to be oh so sweet. Yes its still going to be a long road for this team but that win last night was awsome. I just hope the negative people on here will now go away so the real Ticat fans can enjoy the rest of the season because this team will be fun to watch win or lose.

That was tongue in cheek, right?

Where do you get off telling people to "go away" just because they have a different perspective on the situation?

where do you get off having a negative perspective??

What an idiotic post. Maybe the thread starter should look in the mirror

These boycotters said they were
going away themselves, Gardisten,

Greycup06, said he hopes they
are good to their word and
really will go away now.

They said the were boycotting a game. I don't recall many saying they were going away permanently in fact I recall someone quoting a dictionary definition to emphasis the temporary nature of a boycott

A real fan will stick with their team through thick and thin. Yes these last few seasons have been very painfull but we need to stand by this team. After the Argo game believe me I was ready to pack it in on the ride home I was so dissapointed but by the next morning I just couldn't wait for the next game. This is an exciting team, just young and need to gel which we have seen over the last 4 games. I just get irritated when "fans" want to stay away. What would that show the team after they have been busting their butt.

My memory is a bit fuzzy on this, but...

Around twelve months ago, a guy joined the site and, in one of his first dozen posts there was a meltdown post talking about how he wasn't going to take his kids to any more games because of the cost of tickets, pop, etc. A boycott, you might say.

Anyway, Crash replied to the guy, saying he should take his kids anyway because taking the kids is important. I (over-exuberently) called Crash's post post of the year and talked about how much it meant to me to go to games with my long-since-dead father, even when he was pissed off at how poorly the team was playing. The guy replied that he's a great dad, coaches his kid's hockey team, etc. Which is all fair enough - it's the boycott thing that kind of stood out for me.

You remember any of that, greycup06.

"fans", eh? Welcome back, belatedly :wink:

That word 'boycott' is a lightening rod for controversy. Lighten up folks. It's a fan's perogative to spend their money and buy tix/concessions/merchandise OR NOT for whatever reasons they may have. After losing 5 straight this year following a sad 2006 season, I don't think that staying home for a game or two is unreasonable behavior for a fan. Even for 'good' fans. We all go to games for different reasons and we stay home for different reasons. It's not for me to say, one person's reasons for doing something are legitimate or not. Or this guy is a better fan than that guy.

I was at IWS on Friday but it sure doesn't make me a better fan than anyone who stayed home.

An Argo-Cat fan

Without going as far as to actually say who is better or not… you and anyone at the stadium had the opportunity to relish in this team’s turning a corner live, there, as it happened.

I know everyone goes or doesn’t go to games for different reasons but television just doesn’t do it for me.

To add to that:

My dad is quite opposite to me, likes watching the Ti-Cats purely for entertainment but much prefers to watch at home on a couch with a beer... go figure but that's his prerogative.

Well, that was very interesting; thanks for mentioning it...

I wouldn't say that they've turned the corner yet; they won one game, in an impressive manner not less. But there are still issues with penalties, passing and the defense that lead me to be somewhat skeptical about whether all is now well.

This is genuine rebuilding. I think over the course of the game we saw less penalties and less mistakes. There's nothing to say that won't carry over to Edmonton. I'm disappointed with many of the pitfalls left in this team and have even called for Chang to be platooned in a couple of series.


The Cats won in B.C. save for poor officiating and the Cats' problems are solving themselves one by one. The team has become better each and every game except for the hiccup in Winnipeg.

I really think the win is more than just one win. When was the last time we had so many good things happening on the field at once? Moreno, Lumsden, Loescher, Armour, Bauman all making big plays.

Yes there's a tonne left to be said on this season and it will be hard to get out of the basement and into the thick of things after an 0-5 start but stranger things have happened.

I don't think there's anything strange about what we're seeing happen here. 'Turning a corner' is exactly what it is and its shown in most of the last 4 weeks. There is a concrete progression in this team, 1-5 or not.

This is genuine rebuilding and I'm happy to say I'm seeing it live.

I wouldn' say all's well either. Penalties are still a huge problem, the secondary isn't solidified, punt coverage still suspect. However, the improvements week after week are impressive, as is the core group and especially the Canadian content. Add to that no one team in the league appears to be "all's well" and there lies the case for optimism.

I agree! You could see the monkey flying off the backs of the players on the sidelines. This is a good team of young firecrackers. Argos are in big trouble!LOL!