To all the chickens out there!!!

Well rider fans,
The time is almost here!!!
There is still alot of fans that are being cowards.
Here is a little song for you.
Everyone considered rider fans the cowards of the country
They never stood one single time to prove the country wrong
We all named him Turkey, but folks just called him Yellow
No one ever told us they were reading Turkey wrong
He was only ten years old when riders won the cup
No one looked after Turkey, ´cause he was gainor's son
I still recall the final words cfl fans said to Turkey
'son, riders season is over, but Argos has just begun?
4 more days!!!
Get your bets in!!!!

Just the sign of what is coming to you! She is going to have fun with you Rider Fans!

I mean Chickens!

Shame on you rider fans!!SHAME.
5 rider fans accepting the bet!!!
I heard they are going to put a yellow stripe down the back of all rider jerseys.
Come on,get in on the fun!!!!
I can see it now.
It will probably be only you 5.
However,If the riders win.There will be a 100 in line to cut Saskargo down.

I'm disappointed at the turnout. I thought more would have taken the challenge.

Oh well.....Let the fun begin.

wut the is the damN bet anyways?? :?: i might go for it :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Biggreen machine,So far you are the brightest rider fan on this site!!!

I'm in to it too, on Saskaargo's side that is.

What do I have to do if the Riders lose? I don't want to have to marry anyone.

And if Kanga is in on this bet what is he going to do if the Riders win?

KK has to change his name to Sheila for a week!

What if he has to post

My name is Sheila
I bleed GREEN!!!
Expansion would be OBSCENE!!!!!

roughyfan I thought you were in on this.
If you want to know the rules ask BILLY_SOUP.
Lets put it this way.You will call me queen,and that I'm right about everything I have said about the riders.Oh yeah annd that ARGOS RULE!!!!

Here is a refresher on the stipulations as proclaimed by Mr. Billy Soup.

Riders Win you: Must NOT bash the riders at all. to anyone End each post with Go Riders Go time one week

Argos Win We:
Must not Bash the Argos (since none of us really do, this isn't anything admittedly)
End Each post with Saskargo is Queen, Go Argooooooos
Time one week

6 rider fans have taken the bet.
The rest of the rider fans are KFC!!!!!
Every one considered them the cowards of the country!!!!

Yah I'm in too.

If I lose, I say Riders rule!!! and kiss the teams ass for a week and post that image of a Kangaroo with green eyebrows

7 rider fans.
Good for you roughy!!!
Hey Kanga.You don't have to kiss BILLY_SOUP.That is not in the deal!!!!

In case you don't know what I'm talking abou, just take a look at this.

That a real Rider fan right there! :lol:

Don't worry, Saskargo, have you beaten Billy yet BTW?

Hey kanga,
I don't have anything against BILLY.
I give him credit for sticking up for his team.Not like some of those other cowards!!!
Don't forget Kanga.I'm made in Saskatchewan.Just because I don't cheer for the riders,doesn't mean you can bash people from Saskatchewan!!!
I can bash them,because I am one.
Just because I no longer live there.Doesn't mean it isn't my home anymore.
Bash the riders all you want.
Bash Saskatchewan,pay the price!!!!

I am assuming I am one of the seven. This thing has gone so wonky in the last week with so many bets flying around. My original bet with Saskargo seems to be off the table, but I can live with that as Saskargo seems to have calmed down now. Glad all the other team's fans are having fun with this one, perhaps your time will come for a bet, if you choose to take it on. May the Riders win in glorious style.

I wasn't bashing Saskatchewan, I was referring to this:

[quote="Kanga-Kucha"]Billy makes me so mad, Saskargo, could you beat him for me, please!

[url=] ... aillon.gif[/url]

(This pic is too big, see "Say Hello" for it, I hate using images twice)

(Sasami, the girl in the pic above but whom I'm referring as Saskargo, is trying to beat the shit out of another character)