To all the CFL and in particular Argo HATERS!!!

I agree. For me, the Argos need to be healthy not thriving - we've been doing just fine with an Argo team in a coma for 5 years so if the team ever gets to break even, that will be miles ahead of where we have been. 18K, paid, and break even is my goal for the team.

No, A51, that is not the biggest problem and not the reason for this thread. How YOU (and a few others) treat/deal with posters in this forum is the biggest problem. And please don't pretend not to know what I'm talking about because, when people draw your attention to it (or shame you), you change for a while. Then you go back to being an angry/bitter goof.

Just be gracious and considerate of others and your issues will quickly disappear.

I like it when all three Ontario teams make the playoffs. Like last year.

So you’re saying this thread is about Area51 and not about the Argos problems?

I'm saying you're part of the problem and part of the reason - altho, I did not start the thread so I don't know for sure.

You are obviously a smart man, A51. And a strong CFL supporter. You also like to be included in our little group. So, just be good to your fellow posters...

  • No angry rants because a poster said something you didn't like - just make your point;
  • No lashing out at a post you dislike - we don't need to see terms like "STFU";
  • No vindictive posts that go on FOREVER - just let the ArgoT thing go.

Just be respectful, as I seen you are more than capable of being, and be one of the guys.

I'm not the one posting profanity laced tirades at others, my friend.

When I see comments that are factually incorrect or just laughable impossibilities, you can be sure that I'm going to call them out. Such as the guy who insists the 20 second play clock is only 19 seconds in his mind - - that's about as wrong as anyone could possibly be. And despite numerous explanations from various posters, he still tries to insist clocks throughout the sports world is missing one second.

Or the proclamation Toronto will make $15 MILLION off the Grey Cup this year. What was that based on? But I give you credit for at least acknowledging it was nothing more than a random guess after I provided factual information on the last two Grey Cup revenues. But then you had to go off on a misguided conspiracy about teams falsifying their financials.

There are a LOT of posters who have issues with you, A51, so there is a problem. You come across as painfully bitter and angry and other posters don't want that here. Like I said, just be good to your fellow posters and you, and others, will enjoy this forum more.


  • No angry rants because a poster said something you didn't like - just make your point;
  • No lashing out at a post you dislike - we don't need to see terms like "STFU";
  • No vindictive posts that go on FOREVER - just let the ArgoT thing go.

Kevin my buddy, you are such a nice man. Even when admonishing someone, you're polite and thoughtful.

Area, it's not what you say that ticks people off, it's HOW you say it. I agree with most of what you say, but I keep getting an image of Animal from the Muppets pounding away on a keyboard instead of drums. Stay angry my friend.....

^^THIS.^^ It is 100% accurate AND made me laugh.

When I make comments such as "Josh Batel is a terrible football player" and provide factual analysis as to why that's so, I have no idea how it's construed as being "angry and bitter".

Unless someone here is a relative of Bartel, I can't understand why they'd be so apoplectic about such comments. Instead of providing a fact-based rebuttal, they throw out ridiculous accusations about "troll" or "anti CFL".

Yes, there's a very vocal contingent here who are obsessed with Area51. If they'd spent as much time focusing on the CFL as they do in focusing on Area51, they'd be far more knowledgable about the league and its players.

Good summary Paolo.
I don't get it either the wannabe thing just makes no sense as I have been living it personally most of my life in the city.
It is so widespread now involving the population and virtually all of the media.
Like I keep saying the kool aid has overflowed.
Not sure you can reverse the process as the genie is out of the bottle.
As for corruption, unfortunately you would not know there is tons of hit here perpetrated by the crooked politicians in all levels of government.
The taxes are astronomical and the cost of living is out of this world.
For me it's the CFL and Argos and really nothing else.
It's tough to remain positive, however when comparing to what's going on in the world we shouldn't complain either here or you in the States.

When it comes to football there's nothing "wannabe" at all in Toronto. Very few people here care about the CFL or the NFL. Look at the apathy and lack of interest about the Bills series.

Toronto's just not a football town. Back 35-40yrs ago, yes it was an amazing CFL town but the majority of fans from that era have either died off or gone senile.

Toronto is to football what Florida is to hockey. And Toronto is to hockey what Florida is to football. That's just the way it is.

Oh it is hilarious. I met a young couple from New York(about 22 or 23) when I was in TO. They were high on pot ,and laughing uncontrollablly. I asked why ,and they commented on how all of the white people in TO would get beat up by black people in NY for being wannabe hip hop. I laughed too and told them not to judge Canada on the most wannabe city in the world ,and to go to Montreal if they ever came back to Canada.

Like I said, I agree with most of what you say. I have never called you a troll and you are most definitely not 'anti-CFL.' You do seem angry though, even more than me. :smiley:

You hit the nail right on the head. Most attention seeking trolls are the same, once they hear that a mod might actually do something, they go into “nice boy” mode and act like nothing’s wrong and then go back to the same old same old. They are deathly afraid of losing their voice on the board and losing attention. The rules posted above have been broken ad nauseum by area51 with no repercussion.

The real shame is the guy has something to offer but just want to drag both the forum and the league down for some psychotic nefarious reason only he knows. He pretends or seems to think that the rest of us are unable to distinguish league problems. Here’s a newsflash for ya, we do know but choose to concentrate on the good news because (a) we don’t need to broadcast bad news because the list I posted above is already doing it for us and to a much larger audience and (b) what actual good does it do. Negative criticism add ZERO to this forum.

Mindless endless criticism only helps those with esteem issues who seem to think it makes them superior to others, it doesn’t. It’s like sex, cursing and violence in media, it’s the easy way to titillate for those who don’t have the skills to engage people and produce better quality material.

Why are we putting someone on trial for their behaviour? we can't change how people are, only how we treat them. only they can change how they are and at the end of the day, the universe is indifferent to every single thing we do, so no use dwelling on it. Does it really benefit your time to go out of your way and exceptionally off topic?
Probably not, so let's just discuss the topic at hand. There are those of that seek to be constructive and create purpose, nevermind the rest :wink:

That's fair but we can ask posters to act with more dignity and respect and that is what we were doing.

I have to avoid the Cabbage Patch. Their hatred is so strong and illogical and I have no way of setting the record straight so... why punish myself?

Unfortunately some at this site and most media would still try to dredge up negatives about the CFL even if all teams sold-out all their games and there were no penalties!!! :x :x

LOL. This is true.

8 of the 9 teams make money and you'd swear, by the media and some of the posts here, that it was 1996 all over again.

I do not get these RPB's.

I get that they and others in Toronto, do not follow the CFL.

Sad, but if CFL is not their thing, it is not their thing. Whatever.

What pisses me off is they wish ill will towards the Argos and CFL.
To the point of wanting the CFL to fold. :x

Comments like, " the CFL is only followed on the prairies "

What crap. A slap in the face to those in Ontario that love the CFL . Ott - Ham.

Then there is the media. Like that goof Dean Blunder. :thdn:
On a campaign to get his listeners to turn on the CFL.
Never even heard of the guy , before someone brought him up here.

All of these, just shut the F up. If they do not like the CFL, just ignore it. Stop trying to ruin it for those of us who do.