To all the CFL and in particular Argo HATERS!!! I am really, really getting sick and tired of some of the "FANS" at this site, that post nothing but trash talk of this league and the Argos in particular. First of let me tell you that I am a REDBLACKS fan. I have had season tickets since day one. I do not root for the Argos, but I do support their financial success for the future. I would hope the "True" fans of the CFL at this site will do the same. Any person that wants the demise of the Argos, are not CFL fans.

I don't think anyone wants the League's demise but there are "haters" on this board.

There are posters who, instead of trying to contribute to the conversation, want to prove to total stranger :roll: that they are smarter than everyone else. Those emails can come across as hostile/aggressive and ruin the forum for everyone. Why they don't post in a good natured way instead of being jack***es, I don't know. I wish it wasn't like that but...

Wow, you beat me to it, I just can't understand the agenda of some of these "people". Who does not want to see the league do well, what can their motive possibly be? Maybe it's time to start identifying those who want to see the league die and start attacking the attackers.

The following is the "enemies list" (in no particular order)
1 The NFL crowd
2 The soccer crowd (most notably in Toronto)
3 Rogers/Sportsnet (in particular)
4 Toronto media (several members)
5 General attention seeking lunatics of which this site has several
6 Actual fans who hate the Argos but are too stupid to realize a healthy Argos are good for every team in the league.

If anyone cares to add or elaborate feel free. Rcon already mentions the so called "fans", (I prefer to say wolves in sheep's clothing) who through their not so subtle digs and negative agenda have made this place often a misery to be a fan. That is something that the site folks that run this site seem to be in denial about.

And yes it is time to go all Howard Beale and stop being a victim and attack the attackers. A good way to start is to support the CFL's Director of Communications Paulo Senra who actually has the gonads to call a spade a spade in an increasing hostile media space. I'm sure he feels very lonely in his quest taking on the Rogers corporate giant and could use the support.

Also like rcon, I am sick and tired of some of the individuals who troll here and will likely try to derail this thread. My advice? Sic 'em, because I'm sick of them.

What's the point of this thread?

Rcon's tired of all the angry/bitter posters.

Well that didn't take long, and now we hear from Category 5 (Cat5 for short) in his first attempt to derail the thread. Isn't that a banning offense? I also have an idea on how to deal with Cat5 offenders which I'll detail later.


Yes, there's quite a few people who get upset about their bold proclamations being proven completely wrong - - in particular the assertions about how the Argos attendance problems were all related to playing at the Dome and how moving to BMO was going to send attendance numbers through the roof.

Off topic, covered in another thread. Mods are you going to do something about the non stop attempts to derail threads by this poster?

If you have an issue with Troll51’s CFL hate agenda and thread derailing and it is ruining your enjoyment of this site please contact a mod. Start with RedandWhite

There is only one Argos fan on this site with whom far more than only I have had an issue, and he's foe'd permanently and dead to me.

The rest are a fine bunch and better than many of the Al's fans I have learned recently.

Problem is too many still respond to this attention w***e so whether he is on ignore or not you see his inane rants when they are quoted. Why he has not been banned is a mystery when he has already violated the posting guidelines several times a day in several different ways;

3) Do not flood the forums with postings that, in the forum moderator(s) opinion, intentionally irritate or annoy other users of the forums. - subjective, but I think most would agree with this

3. No bashing - If someone is posting in a thread, don't simply tell them they're wrong. Instead, provide facts or opinions supporting your views, provide positive feedback, and please keep the criticism low.

4. Keep on topic - If you are replying about something to do with starting lineups for example, and someone mentions a play call, don't start talking about the play call, stick to the topic.

5. No personal attacks - These forums are not a place for you to take cheap shots at somebody because he/she did something. Do that some place else (or better yet, get over it). You have been warned. Personal attacks, threats, and just plain impolite posts will be removed and that user will be banned.

And of course there is Bungle the racist who simply had his post removed despite some offensive racist comments.
4) Although we support the user's freedom of expression and their viewpoints on subjects related to football, we do not condone statements that are discriminatory based on sexual preferences, religions, races, personal attributes, slander, libel or anything else considered offensive.
I guess it's OK to be a racist a** in the CFL forums? Wouldn't want to kick him out for even a month, we might offend his white supremacist a**. I wonder, is Bungle really Khalif Mitchell?

[i]Buddy boy, most of the people who want the Argos and the CFL destroyed are the people in Toronto who want Toronto to be an American city!

Everyone here wants Toronto to succeed and the CFL as well, DUH! People hate Toronto only because of the "We want to be USA citizens in the north". [/i]

Off topic, but that DCMoses is really an Alouettes HATER.

Only because I'm from the centre of the universe so I'm genetically predisposed to dislike all Montreal sports teams. Especially the Habs but the Als too.

Just because Toronto thinks they are the center of the universe, doesn't mean they aren't! :wink:

Financial wise, I want them to win
Team wise, I want them to lose! :twisted:

Toronto good team, always enjoyable to watch, exiting well run team. Great history in cfl

The American wannabe angle is puzzling to me even as an American, and of course I'm happy to be an American living in better places in our country.

Especially these days I would not recommend to such Torontonians that they become an American city.

In fact I openly recommend to folks moving to places like Chicago to consider instead Toronto. I have a good friend in fact who will move to Toronto if a job promotion does not go through, and he once lived in Chicago.

You get the same sort of weather, high taxes and cost of living in Toronto minus all that crime and a history of corruption and many other social problems to a greater degree.

Also en route to Europe, I recommend also to fellow Americans living in the Midwest but not in Chicago that they fly through Toronto instead of through East Coast US airports if they can fly direct to Toronto. The report back was that it was smooth sailing each way.

The CFL needs a healthy Argo team and it's frustrating to see a proud franchise and league that has been around for 100 years be treated like garbage . When you see 12k at a game , what are you going to say ?? Sugar coating it and having ridiculous excuses as to why nobody showed, makes the situation even worse. I think the Argo's are saveable and hope they succeed.

This is the biggest problem. Everyone just keeping their head buried in the sand pretending things are all sunshine and lollipops. Any criticism of terrible decisions is immediately dismissed as being a "hater" or "anti CFL".

People got fooled into assuming that a move to BMO would be just like when Montreal moved to McGill and was immediately a huge success. Just open the doors and everything will take care of itself.

Montreal offers free bus rides to and from the game - - why didn't the Argos think of that? Especially when BMO is so far outside of the downtown area. Shuttle pick up starting at Union with three or four other stops along the way would help immensely. The Princes' gates are blocked off to car traffic so that'd perfect for busses to enter and drop off right outside the stadium.

How difficult can it be to work out a deal with the TTC for free service 90mins before and 90mins after nine home games?