To all season ticket holders

I know that all you season ticket holders pay lots of money for your tickets and I applaud you for supporting our team so much.

But I have a question. How do you feel when you see normally empty seats fill up with people who didn't pay for the tickets. I'm not going to lie because I do it too. At the Montreal game me and a friend purchased North End seats and then moved to a large group of empty seats in the A section at the end of the 1st. We do it because the oportunity is there but the people who really pay lots of money for their seats must feel ripped off. I feel kind of bad when I move but don't think twice after that.

I have seen season ticket holders do the same thing milkman, if its empty sit in it, everybody does it.

Hmmmm…wow, interesting question. My family/freinds have had 4 season tixs since 1990 in, you guessed it, Section T. Up until the 2000’s there were lots of empty seats and I even suggested to friends the exact thing you are doing.
For me a none issue, because at 6’2 and 225 lbs if some one is in my seat, they aren’t there for long. It’s the older fans, that maybe upset if “some kids” are in there seat.
As long as you get out of them when the rightful owner arrives, no flag from this fan.

Oh,one other thing. Why in the hell would you sit on the west side? Don’t you know WEST SIDE SUCKS !!!

We couldn't get to the east side, We wanted to but wouldv'e need to show our tickets to get in. There was no direct route there

Really? I have always been able to move from East to west without showing my ticket. Got to got to the ground level.

[quote="SectionT"]For me a none issue, because at 6'2 and 225 lbs if some one is in my seat, they aren't there for long. [quote]

If you are 6'2'' sitting in the lower deck must have become very painfull since they installed those crappy flip up seats. No leg room whatsoever for anybody over 5'11". There are a few spots where a tall gentleman can sit comfortably but hard to find!

Yup, your right on the money mwin1. It is a bit tight. Not nearly as roomy as global Park. But not nearly as bad as the Hemrode seats of