To all Sask RR fans - Sask Party & the Evil Empire

All Sask. voters should recognize that the Sask. Party looks to the west with envy and wishes that they were Ralph Klein (even though his party is in the process of turfing him)…

Ralph sits in the legislature in Edmonton, home of the evil empire…

Sask. Party’s colors (remember their signs from the last election) are what ?..

Right - EE colors of green and gold…

coincidence ??? - hmmmmmm…


...the conspiracies abound.....

LMAO. Its a scary thought having the Sask Party as a government, if they had their way we would become a part of Alberta. I guess Mr. Wall and the rest of the Sask party want one of those $400 cheques that Klein gave to Albertans. You might as well call the Sask party, the Eskimo party of Saskatchewan(see how many votes they receive then, LOL) should want to become part of Alberta......hell, 2/3s of your youth have already made the jump.......after annexing the South and Central Interior of BC we'll let you guys in no problem......

I'm sorry Red, but that is a a media filled misconception. I don't want to fully get into it again, but the media spends all there time talking about the people that are leaving, instead of celebrating the people that stay. If that happened more then more people would stay. Especaiily when they realized that moving o Alberta doesn't get them ahead, sure they get a bigger paycheck, but also higher expenses. I have friends that have done both, and I would say that the friends that have stayed are further along in their careers, and money wise then the ones that have left.

(This is in no way a slam on Alberta by the way)

It's acualy called Broke Back Flamers. I have a pic of it but can't past it on here for some reson. It has Kipper and Iggy on it.

I for one want the Sask party in power. The NDP in this province hasn't done enough to open the oil industry up and fully use the resources, oil & uranium, to create a better economy. This province should be crerating jobs not losing them. Every year are university graduates go to Alberta to work, yes some want to but others go because that is the only place they can find jobs in their field. From my engineering graduating class I'm one of the few still working in Saskatchewan.

The NDP is also way to pro-union for my liking. I like seeing places like Sobey's in Regina, who have been on strike for a very long time, just bring in new workers and keep going instead of giving into union demands. Or the Wal-mart in Quebec shut-down their store because the workers got together and unionized. Unions had there place in the 60's but with labour laws and OH&S employees of businesses without unions are doing just fine.

I for one want the Sask party in power. The NDP in this province hasn't done enough to open the oil industry up
Roughy, it's not about the politics, it's about football (let's get our priorities straight) - it is about having to cheer for the EE if we elected the Sask. Party. That would be hard for the ex-Rider fans.

This is the "hidden agenda" that the NDP refer to (though they mistakenly thought it was the sale of the Crowns)..

The NDP signs are orange and black - the field was wide open for the Sask. Party (Green and white WERE available), but they chose Green and Gold ......coincidence, I think not !!!

(kidding all the way)

Ok I hear (read) you now, I just wanted to complain about the NDP.

LOL Evil where did i hear that from.

So does that mean our jerseys ae going to change to NDP orange pretty soon? :?

In the case of the NDP , better the devil you know, Sask party just talks and talks. Remember the last conserative govt we had? 15 billion in debt, and just about ran the province into the ground, do we really want a repeat of that? Green and White jersey are here to stay, and that is just fine with me.

ok, then by your reasoning the Ren's folded because they had bad Karma cause red, white and black was also the colours of the Nazi party.

BC jersey already orange lol

Yeah Sask politics, nothing better ! HA HA HA Sask Party as government ? That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. The S.P. reminds me of an annoying little sister that keeps bitching to mom and dad , blaming the older brother for everything, and how he never gets in trouble, with no justification credibility. "Whine whine, bitch, bitch, boo hoo, the Sask Party way." They have MLAs quitting, constituents upset at them, most of them worked for the corrupt Devine Conservatives that dragged Sask into great debt. Since there have been 13 straight years of positive budget surplus. You do the math.
And they also were against the gov't for forgiving the riders debt 2 years ago. We would not have a team either if the Conservatives ( imean Sask Party) were government.

Go Riders !!