To All Out There This Day

...a Happy... or a Blessed... (your choice) Easter. Renewal comes in all forms- nature in spring, team prep for an upcoming season, personal/spiritual/emotional growth in the seasons of life.

Thanks to all of you who share with me the joy of following the team and for being willing to exchange banter, discussion (sometimes heated), and creative reflection. To all of you- may you find peace and renewal today.


Well said thoughts Mark! :thup:

Ditto for me. :thup:

You make me feel like spring has sprung!

Yes, a Happy Easter to everyone.

I had a massive dinner with brother's in-laws. We got the two families together, and had dinner. I had three helpings of potatoes. I'm not sure how I managed to finish the pie and ice cream, but I did. :lol:

Good work, Chief.

Agreed, Mark. Thanks for the nice thoughts.