To All Out There This Day

...a Happy... or a Blessed... (your choice) Easter. Renewal comes in all forms- nature in spring, team prep for an upcoming season, personal/spiritual/emotional growth in the seasons of life.

Thanks to all of you who share with me the joy of following the team and for being willing to exchange banter, discussion (sometimes heated), and creative reflection. To all of you- may you find peace and renewal today.


Mark, as usual your entries here are levels above the common fare.

Thanks for your sincere wishes, and for all your controbutions to this site.

I'd also like like to wish everybody a happy easter, even to those whom I don't see eye to eye with.And let us remember, there are only a couple months to go until the pre-season and we'll be back kicking the snot out of the Bomber's and Argo's in no time.Cheers everyone! :cowboy:

Thanks, Mark. Well said.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter as well. I hope everyone did. We had a wonderful time spending time with family. Great food and reflection.