To all Ottawa - and CFL - fans

Alright, to Ottawa fans, and fans of the CFL, who just want to see our league succeed and thrive ...

I think it's obvious that the CFL is doing great - maybe even at an all-time high - but that there's one trouble spot, and that's the Ottawa Renegades. I also think that most agree that the main cause for concern is the Gliebermen running the team.

I'm certain that football in Ottawa is NOT a hopeless, lost cause. I'm sure that the fan support is there. I know that the reason the Renegades are struggling is not because they're in Ottawa, but because they have a front office that is out of touch with just about everything.

I think it's very possible that the reason the Renegades are struggling is because people are trying to boycott the ownership situation. The problem with this is that it really looks like fan apathy (even if it isn't) and the CFL is especially sensitive to that - apparent fan apathy can spell doom to a franchise.

So I URGE all Renegades and CFL fans - everyone who wants to see football thrive in Ottawa - to get the word out that the front office needs a drastic improvement. Show that you WANT football in Ottawa, but with a good owner. How to do this? Flood the newspapers with letters, and the radio with phone calls. People complaining about something doesn't show apathy; it shows that you care enough to want change. Ideally, as the situation gets more attention in the media, more people will keep coming forward.

Write letters to the papers, call in to the radio, do what it takes ... you will have to be persistent. And you don't have to be from Ottawa to do this. I've already written to the Ottawa Citizen and Sun, and emailed the Team 1200, to say that the Renegades can survive in Ottawa with a change in ownership - and I live in Calgary.

To write a letter to the Citizen:


To get in touch with the Team 1200:
(613) 750-1200
1-877-670-1200 (toll-free)

So get the word out, show that the fans care, and help fix the Ottawa situation.

Thanks Canuckev for this info. I have emailed all 3 stations indicating that I want to see a strong Ottawa franchise with great ownership and if this means ousting the current ones, so be it, as a vibrant Ottawa CFL team with great ownership really is great for the entire CFL. And the fans, the team and the city in Ottawa deserve this!

I've clearly stated my position on here. Surely the CFL looks at our comments.

They hopfully do.

well...its not all the gliebs fault, cuz the gades weren't doin so well before the gliebs got control anyways.

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The Ottawa Renegades are a team in turmoil but presidents of the other clubs aren't bailing on the franchise just yet.

At a meeting of the league's presidents' council yesterday support was thrown firmly behind the club, CFL commissioner Tom Wright said.

"I've been in contact with ownership and we're going to support efforts to make sure it (the franchise) works,'' Wright said.

In a few short months the Renegades have seen a new ownership structure � Bernie Gliberman is the majority owner � and a new head coach.

Just had the Ottawa Citizen phone me here in Hamilton verifying that I sent my letter in as they it seems it will be published! Every once in a while, not often I might add, I guess I come across with at least something upstairs anyways. :slight_smile:

Again, thank you CanucKev for bringing this up.

be sure to post it, if u can find it.

Will do dg.

Way to go Earl....Your voice will be heard.

Not just mine Sportsmen, but ours collectively.

We are Borg, well at least those who want Ottawa to stay in the CFL with great ownership.

geez...cant u just type your letter here now?....i dont want to

Ya Earl, cut and paste it here, would like to read it!

Problem is I didn't keep a copy, it wasn't from an email system, it was from a form system, otherwise I would. :roll: I should have copied it first though.
Oh well, it really isn't anything different other than having Ottawa stay in the league as the fans, the team and the city deserve great ownership. That's about the crux of it.

…dump Lonnie and his loonie ideas…bring in Eric Tilman and lets get this show on the road…why is it every year we have to coax the Rens into viability…with solid support in the Cap…THIS TEAM …can flourish…I only have to think back to the days of Russ Jackson…and Ronnie Stewart…c’mon guys…it CAN BE DONE…solid organizational type people… with a little money will… :arrow: …

Good on ya Earl, keep it up ... Zoola, you've got a letter ready to go right there ... fire those thoughts off to the radio and the papers! Drummer, I'm sure you can come up with something ... and ABC, you're probably right about the CFL looking at what we're saying here, but the Ottawa media needs to hear it, too. You've all got strong points, why not send them along to the Ottawa media and get the word out to everyone who's not on these forums (which is most)?

Keep it up everyone ... keep letting everyone in Ottawa know that football can survive there, but that the Renegades HAVE to change.

i was lookin at pics of frank clair stadium on google…i came across a photo of a game against the ti-cats, and theres a carnival goin on in the backround.

if this is a yearly event, the gades should do a cross promo, where your gade ticket is good for the carny, and your carny ticket is good for that weeks gades game…would make for a fun nite-time atmosphere, with the farris wheel lights in the backround…might win some new fans.

more pics in bigger size:

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Cross promos are definetly great

I like the big Cat in the outter egdes of the endzone.

we all know about your cat fetish Kanga. keep it to yourself.

I really don't blame the Gleibs. It's almost how they can't help themselves. Making some good moves and then the old one step forward and two back.
The bottom line is how no one in the Ottawa region, corporate or personally stepped up to the plate to buy the team.