To all of those bashing ottawa fans

It has been a very hard year in ottawa the fans have had to put with more then any where else.Where to start they had the most exp tickets in the league the ownership issues etc.And then to go up against all of the other things in ottawa .Cut them a break there will be back next year and will support the gades don't worry.

I seriously hope so, because the attendance numbers are reminiscent of Shrevepor and Memphis ... And it's not like this is the first time it's happened either; two years ago, Toronto and Hamilton were pretty bad off too. So I really hope to see it turn around, hopefully this year. I don't understand, though, how come the fans stay away when your team is 3-3, in second place, and has beat saskabush, calgary and montreal ...

But I gotta say I love the Renegades, and I've always been wanting to see them succeed ... so I really hope that Ottawa realizes what they've got, and doesn't take it for granted.

I would not say its as bad as memphis.The big issue in ottawa is there is just so much to do and people don't wan't speand the big bucks to sit a stadium on a hot day.Next year it will be better with lower prices etc.

According to ... emphis.htm, they're getting close ...

Average home attendances:

Memphis: 14,550
Birmingham: 16,843
Sacramento: 16,979 (1993); 14,226 (1994)
San Antonio: 15,855
Shreveport: (owned by the Glieb's) 17,871 (1994); 14,359 (1995)

So the numbers are getting eerily close ...

I have no problem with Ottawa fans at all, but I know they don't like me very much LOL

Really, There's a lot to do in Ottawa? Thats surprising, seeing as how I've heard people call it the city that fun forgot.

I expect the Gades will win in Hamilton this weekend. Even if by chance, the Cats get their first win, there should be a Royal Commision if the "fans" do not step up for the next game against the Riders for at least 20,000+. If not, I say pull the plug Gleibs and move at the end of the season. A great team deserves better.

Eventhough I do believe the number should be slightly better in Ottawa you also can't blame em much. But I also believe that it all pick up next season in the nation's capital if the Renegades can finish this year strong

There is alot to do in ottawa from musems to cotteges and everyhting in the middle.Ottawa is a big cottege city alot of people don't stay in ottawa durring the weekend.I find it amazing are are the bashing from toronto fan with you hard time almost losing your teams you should be more supportive.

We have huge cottage country near, Toronto...................and on a holiday Monday..........we had 27,000 fans at the game vs. WINNIPEG.Toronto has more people, I know ............but how do you explain the , 0 and 4 , CATS , who sell out sometimes and get an average of 26,000 a game. :wink:

All teams have had trouble at one time or another....[except, EDMONTON]

How can I be more supportive when your press.......MOSTLY TALKS ABOUT THE NEGITIVE AND GETS THINGS WRONG, ALL THE TIME.?

They should be looking in the mirror , as should the fans.

The CFL needs OTTAWA , but we hope that the days of teams in trouble are over. If OTTAWA, does not want a CFL team......then move it to QUEBEC CITY.........where they love football.

Man, some of you have short memories…

So the Argos win the cup in '96 and '97, and are rewarded with crowds of 15,000 for years, until last year.

Ditto the Ti-cats and their cup in the late 90’s.

BC? Been a cup contended for years - and until last year, great crowds of 17-18 thousand every game.

The Gades are not going anywhere. Maybe you missed the Glieberman’s press conference: Its a long-term plan. They expect to lose money for a few years. They are expecting these type crowds for the short term. The team isnt going anywhere.

GREAT..........I never read that in the OTTAWA SUN, as they were too busy..........blaming TOM WRIGHT and ......talking about that , MARGI GRAW night.

Even when they beat MONTREAL , half of the victory story was about what happened to one woman, at the game. The writers first name is DON...................find the OTTAWA articles by him before and after the MONTREAL, game.He also wrote a very unfair article about WRIGHT.

Also check out CHRIS SEVENSON'S articles about ,TOM WRIGHT. :wink:

And I thought that the Toronto press was bad.

Lets hope that things improve on or after LABOUR DAY. :smiley:

The ARGOS have NEVER folded............1 OTTAWA team already has.

I think all of this anti-Ottawa sentiment is a red-herring by Saskatchewan fans who, up until a series of ingnoramously anti- Ottawa posts, were the most ill- spoken of fans.
How childish.
To this we in Ottawa say, "kiss our collective Royal Canadian Arses".

And to say that you've "heard" that Ottawa is a City which fun forgot, try visiting us. Uh, on second thought don't.

Go Capital Punishment Go!

My problem is mostly with the OTTAWA press.............and how the old owner ship handled or hate the GLEBS......they did save OTTAWA, from folding , again.

Inspite of all of that ,
OTTAWA, is 3 and 3 and in second [they also beat MONTREAL]..............CAP or NO CAP............

I will say a good thing about the OTTAWA fans , they did respond to the 99$ season ticket promo............. :smiley:

Neat ... although slightly off-topic, check this out:

Birmingham Barracudas attendance for the first 3 home games of 1995: 87,235 (29,078 average!)

... for the first 5 home games of '95: 124,215 (average 24,843 ... still quite respectable)

... for the last 4 home games: 27,372 (6,843 average!!!)

What happened? ... college season started ...

I was doing some checking just out of curiousity. In my lifetime (28th season now), the Ottawa teams have a record of 123-260-2 - including this year. They have finished first in the league only once (1979) and haven’t won the Grey Cup at all. I know that they had some good times in the early 70s, but it’s been a long haul for Ottawa fans - including 5 years without a team.

I personally, can forgive them for having low numbers. Considering how poorly their team has done (worst in that time frame - even beat out the 'Riders for that award), the fact that they still have a team at all is impressive. As a 'Riders fan, I know how hard it is to stick with a team when they keep losing. Well done, all you Ottawa fans. Give them a few winning seasons, maybe a Grey Cup, then we’ll see how their fan support is.

Thank You green'n'grey. You are truly knowledgable of our plight. God Bless.

The comment was with regard to how Toronto has supported the Argos. It does not matter if they have ever folded or not, that's not what was being talked about. Toronto has had some pretty lacklustre support in previous years you have to admit that.

As far as what is written the paper, who cares? There are sportswriters in every city with varying opinions. Serious football fans don't don't care. Even marginal fans are still going to be part of that walk-up crowd for a few games every year. I think you place far too much emphasis on what the columnists are writing and not stopping to realize that it's their job to help sell papers and they do so by being contreversial from time to time.


I was just about to tell you that you didnt check very well, then I realised you said In your life time.
Ottawa won the cup in 1968,1969,1973,1976.

Sports writers, can sell a sport and they can distroy it.

Where would most sports be today with out the SPORTS press , HYPE?

They even have their own sports awards , as voted on , by themselves.
There are 3 major sports stations on T.V. , [a couple on radio] CANADA.......all with sports commentary.

The facts are , that OTTAWA has not had a great record with PRO sports teams.

The SENS , almost folded and they can't even sell out some of their NHL play off games.

Both TORONTO and HAMILTON had some bad years , but we had other factors to consider like...... competing with The BUFFALO BILLS , the JAYS , and , the RAPTORS.That has all been turned around now.

We also had PAUL GODFREY.....telling every one that an NFL team is coming to TORONTO........but the CFL was in the way. expecting a winning expantion team in 3 to 4 years?

Inspite of the owner ship mess in OTTAWA..........they are 3 and 3 so far and are still drawing flies.

Look, don't shoot the messenger , here. :wink:

I want OTTAWA to be suc...........I loved the 2004 GREY CUP [the parties , not just because the ARGOS , were in it]

There are FEW places in the CFL that are as beautiful to see a game in , in both summer and fall........than, FRANK CLAIR. It is 1 of may fav. stadiums.

For 4 years in a row my dad , my wife and I would go to see the ARGOS vs. OTTAWA at........ F.C. stadium.

BUT people have to go to the games and then they can get better doesn't just magically happen , 1 day.

As I have said..........maybe things will get better next game or on/around/after .................. LABOUR DAY.

The Toronto area has cottage country, as well.