To all of the Rider bashers

"this was originally directed at the topic "Riders have only one gear backwards" where people were saying how all rider fans loved nealon at the start and blah blah blah

hey hey hey. Wait one minute here. I was here at the start of the season too. And I distinctively remember a lot of Rider fans saying that they think that Greene is a capable QB, but not all of them said that they would take him over Burris. There was a lot of Rider fans pissed off at Burris, me included, because he left our team in a cowardly way. But my opinion, and the opinion of most of the Rider fans I know (I know a lot more then the 30 or so Rider fans that post so this would be a better representation of what Rider fans really think) was that Burris was a good QB, and that we would rather have him. We also defended Greene. yes, but really we didn't have a choice, that was who we were stuck with. The Rider fans are not the people who make the decisions in the Rider organization. We are just the ones who are relied upon to defend those decisions, and we usually do it quite faithfully.

Of course there were those few who did say they wanted Nealon, and they hated Burris, but by my recolection, those were the minority not the majority of the posters.

I guess I am just getting sick of all of you guys rejoicing in our misery, and saying I told you so all the time. Get over it, haven't you ever made a mistake before.

I am quit fine with people making Valid points against the Riders, but come on, some of it is just plain discrimination. There is a real anti-rider sentiment to a lot of the posts, and while I really do not like the Esks, When we beat them last year in the west semis, I and almost all Rider fans did not constantly stick their faces in the mud, and say: "And you guys thought you were so great, hahaha, you are not"

This post sounds a lot more bitter then what it is intended, but seriously, oher then saskargo, I expect better from most of you.

That being said let the trash talk continue

Go Riders Go
I bleed Green

Hey Ive been saying this ever since I got it double standard, outright dislike or what ever you want...hey!!!! Riders lost again!!!! lets rehash some old posts and Rub there noses in it..
constructive critisism I can take...Downright antagonism I wont... I have NEVER publicly called another team down or attacked an individual Poster unless provoked... you wanna continue? FINE just expect something in return from this Loyal Rider & CFL fan..

As for Saskargo she is a coward and never replies to my rebuttals, Its one thing cheering for a first Place team and then Trolling the boards on anything written about the Riders and making her little cutsey quips...then everyone has a good laugh and says" Wow your such a great person or your so funny"

blah blah blah ... Your right Billy its getting Old

I am surprized that not many here half talked about the coaching of DANNY B.

He has made several blunders this and last year.

SASK. in my fav team in the WEST , and I have even been to 2 games in Regina [and not to see the ARGOS play]

They were hurt by major injuries this year...........but the season is not over.

Remember the 1989 SASK. team.? And in the CFL, anything can happen.

If they can beat WINNINPEG back to back.........[sorry WINNIPEG] they will be back in the thick of the WEST.

Billy I really feel for you as well as some other real good rider posters here like jm02 and others. You get a bad rap , but you gotta admit there are some pretty bad rider posters as well that you get alot of flak for. Me being a Lions fan , now going back the last three Rider- Lions games , have seen more threads and side comments about refs losing games for the Riders than for all other teams combined. Last game last season , endless threads about the timekeeper . Western final , ditto about spotting of the ball for Macallums shanked kick. Last weeks game ,ditto about" bad calls".
I know that you and others have held your heads high , and I've acknowledged that and even tried to differetiate between you and some of the whining posters .
You're right about the Nealon-Burris thing , but all the" burris sucks" thing probably has something to do with it as well. You won't hear any bashing from me on it . But I'll still go after nonsense posts about all the reffing crap and please don't take it as bashing because it ain't.

Cry me a river Billy Soup.
You say Burris took the cowardly way out.Why,because he wanted more money.To me,it sounds like he did the right move.Calgary has turned their team around.The riders are the same old,same old.
You know if you rider fans would have shut your yaps at the start of the year,there would be harly any bashing.
I don't see T-cats fans get bashed on here.You rider fans yap all the time.
The only one to balme is yourself.

Thanks for the compliment, pennw.

I think the main point of this thread is that the level-headed fans are continually lumped in with those who are "fans" in the purest sense of the word - they believe the losses are never their fault, and they disappear when things get too hot, only to reappear two days before a game to say how solid their team is looking, then whine for a few days saying how everything should be blamed on the winning team. . .or the refs. . .or the concession workers. . .whatever. I have too, at times, felt myself the target of much bashing, even though I rarely make inflammatory remarks. While I can see where the negative quips about Rider fans are seen as justified to some, I don't think those statements should be made blanketly across the board - from my recollection, I seldom hear posters like Turkeybend, Dentor, or Billy Soup (there are others, too!) talking out of their nether-regions, spouting a bunch of useless whining crap that comes across only as excuses. I would only ask that those people who actually know something about the game and do not make excuses for how poorly their team is playing be granted the respect they warrant whilst others are doing their "necessary" bashing.

Good point jm02,
However you said respect.
Turkeybendover,Spankee,and even yourself.I have respect for you 3.I even have respect for the idiot known as Shawdowofdeath.
It is not who you cheer for.I tis how you show your true colors to others.
I've been here for 2 years.On this site the rider fans yap about how good they are.They bash every other team fans on this site.
They deserve what they get.Billy soup is one of these guys.All last year he was yapping.I don't feel sorry for him,or any other rider fans that yap.

Saskargo. I did not intend this post to become a bash on you. And I would appreciate it if you would leave this post for intelligent coments. I know you are capable of making some, but come on. Ya i cheered for my team last year, but I was never disrespectful to anyone but you, and I was only disrespectful to you because you downright pissed me off with your uncalled for crap(there is another word for it but they would bleep it out).

I really do not want this post to start into a me vs you thing so I will leave it at that.

Hellothere I know the season is not over and I completely expect some kind of turn around. Not sure how big it will be but i do expect the Riders to make the playoffs.

Penw, I know there are bad Rider posters, but there are also bad argo, bc, eskimos, ....etc posters. Its just that people don't jump all over them and then they have to defend themselves and the posts get dumber and dumber. Everyone else leaves the other teams bad posters posts alone so their posts aren't seen as much. If posters would just ignore all those dumb posts of Rider fans then things would be equal.

As much as I hate to do it I have to agree with Saskargo.

Even before the season started rider fans were claiming the cup and going on and on about how they were going to win it all.

There is even a post saying might as well give us the cup right now.
Do you really expect other people to sit through that and remain silent when the team falls apart(figure of speech here).

rule of thumb in life "don't dish it out if you cant take it"

Billy your pissed at me for telling the truth about your riders.
It is pretty said when ro1313 agrees with moi.
Little rider fans take your shots,you deserve them.
Maybe next time,you should respect other teams.
As much as I don't like the Ti-cats.I never bash them.
The only team I bash,are those stupid riders!!! should be happy that ro1313 agreed with you. It gives us all HOPE for a better world. :lol:

Sometimes , and I am not innocent in this , we can take our teams WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. I think that saskargo , can be very clever with what she writes and it can be funny. :lol:

I can't remember who , but some here wrote a fantasic song about the ARGOS , to the Beatles song , "when I am 64"........I was laughing for hours after reading that. :lol:

FOOTBALL, is just a game. :lol:

First a destructive hurricane then Saskargo and I agree.
What's next? Is the world coming to an end?

I WROTE........" HOPE"...........O.K.???? :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i have to agree with saskargo and ro1313 on this one, at the beginning of the season, almost every rider fan was beeking everyone else's team and saying how truly great the riders were. they said they were the only team who had fans that were passionate, and now rider fans have turned against their team for the most part, other teams have gone to the dust, yet their fans still remain true to the team.

rider fans for the most part deserve everything they are getting

Another good point Hellothere.
It is just a game.The best game in the world.
Ro1313, has some good things to say.He even backs up his facts.
I don't always agree with him.However he cheers for his team.
Rider fans yap,and have no facts to back them up.
They say they are going to win the cup.Green is the best.They haven't proved anything in what?16 years!!!
When,or should I say IF they ever win a cup then they can start yapping.
Until then Billy can yapp all he wants.However,I will keep on bashing him.
Hey Billy how many games has your riders lost now?That is funny.

Saskargo, you are pretty harsh sometimes, but as a Rider fan, I do have to agree with you at some level. I for one am a Burris Fan, and defended him for leaving. Management made a HUGE mistake by signing Nealon to a long term contract before Burris (and pratically keeping it a secret), and then telling Burris he has to compete for the job of starting QB. Is this reason and money the only reason he left? I guess only he knows.

I have also said it’s time to start paying. The Cap isn’t going to work, so if you can’t beat em, join em, it’s that simple. I’m not surprised at how the season has turned out. Last year we were in no better position than now, except we had a promising QB, with lots of potential.

Is there other factors, such as an offensive scheme and coaching sure there is.

The riders are doomed for 4th or dead last in the west.

Good work Roy!

Cujo, nobody kept it a secret that they signed Nealon. Plus its not that we didn’t try to keep Burris. We offered him pretty much exactly the same salary. We didn’t give him a new car and all the other crap that he got. Burris left for a variety of reasons but the crap about him not having the starting job was bogus. A main reason was his Family, his wife apparently did not like Regina. I was just pissed because he lied to us. and I am sorry but there is no dispute on that.

I will completely agree that before the season started Rider fans talked a lot of smack saying they would win the cup. BUT so did BC, Argo, Esk, the odd Cal, and the Odd Peg fan. Were we wrong? at this point of the season, yes we were. BUt at the start of the season we had a very promising team. That team is still promising but unfortunately we are beat up right now, and we don’t have a QB.

The point of my original post was to point out to some of you the blatant anti-rider attitude of some of you. I mean do you really think the league would be the same if the Riders were not in it, and that is what it seems some of you want.

ro1313 most of the time your posts are well thought out, but in this one you are being selective. yes there were posts like give us the cup now. but there were also just as many posts like The riders are gonna be in last place, or the riders suck. (ps I know these are not the actual names of the posts but these were the gists of what they said)

I just would like to be treated with an equal footing as the rest of the fans out there. But it seems if you are a Rider fan and if you brag about one thing then you are jumped on, and if you complain about one thing then you are jumped on for being a whiner. If this was done for everyone else, but it is not. I don’t care if people trash talk the Riders, in fact I encourage it, but there is a difference between trash talk and what has been going on here lately.

you say don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. well there is a differnece when you dish out punchs in the arm and people come back with kicks to the face

Sorry Billy but I have to agree with Saskargo on this one. I do remember your hand in some of the stuff this spring. But not everyone paints rider fans with the same brush. I can mention a few others that fit the catagory that Sakagro is mentioning. It is these fans that make it tough when your team starts to slide. I always say do not tell the other guy you have a better car and then your car breaks down as he drives by. Do you see my point this is what you and a few others have done. The result is what you are mentioning in this post. JM02 and Cujo are victims of the this.
So my advise to you Billy is do not be a

I have to agree with BillySoup. I joined not too terribly long ago and the first thing I noticed is that everyone jumps all over the Rider fans. There's a couple Esks fans that are always saying something negative about the Rider fans even if the topic of the thread has nothing to do with the Riders. For example "EskJebus" wrote I'm resurrecting this thread because I believe Rider fans deserve one distinctive place to put all their excuses. So he has taken the time to find this thread and reopen it. Get over it. If I'm a Rider fan should I be put in the same category as the rest? By the way I live in Calgary now and I listen to Stamps football and it was Greg Petterson who said that there were some fans who thought the Stamps were going to the Cup when they signed Burris. So don't say it's just the Rider fans who jump the gun.

You never hear me saying my Argos are the best.
I love them.However I know B.C., Edmonton,Calgary,and Montreal teams are great.I'll stick up for my team too.However I only bash those rider fans.Well the ones that don't shut up(BillySoup).You brought it on yourself.Nobody has been on your side of this.WHY?You didn't keep your mouth shut,at the start of the season.You deserve all the bad mouth you get!!!
Ti-Cat fans have I ever bashed you?
Montreal fans have I ever said anything bad about your team?
Edmonton fans you know I love you guys!!!
B.C. I might have said some comments.However I respect the team!!!
Rider fans have I ever bugged you guys?Yes and I always will!!!!
Billy it is not because your a rider fan that I bash you.I bash you because you have a big mouth.