There have been a lot of old topics that have been bought up time and time again on the forum that some of the older members, like myself, are getting tried of hearing over and over.

So, before you hit that new topic/thread button, please use this link.

and there have been some posters who like to post frequently even though they have nothing to add.... please refrain.

And there are posters who like to bring up the same old worthless points time and time again.

And there are posters who keep arguing with the inarguable. :wink:

a comment by third in another post made me add this one. some posters spell so poorly that most people don't have a clue what they are trying to say. if this refers to you use spellcheck or be very diligent at proof reading your posts. doesn't have to be perfect... just comprehendable.


Since you were not very diligent
at proof reading yor post, blackdale

I did a simple Spell Check, and I got

 Did You Mean:


Good advice! :thup:

and without using a Spell Check, I got!

Did you mean "YOUR" :wink:

No, he probably meant Comprehendible. He missed an r and you changed the word. Good job with the spell check.

Hmmm.....someone is tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.....oh, the irony.....

i stand corrected however i believe you all 'comprehended' my point and that cannot be said for some others who shall remain nameless but referred to repeatedly.

Sheesh, I'm glad you guys aren't running our elections...picking and choosing who can and cannot vote.

Let's welcome the newbies and if we don't like their thread, simply skip over it. Likewise, we can ignore the "pests."

i may be wrong but i think everypost other than the original has been quite tongue in cheek. there is just a certain irony to this whole thread that is irresistable for some.

No one is saying they cant post!
All we are asking is that the points be understandable.
Also, is it really that much more work to type "you are" instead u r, or see you instead if c-ya?

While you are talking about voting!
You are aware that if they can't figure out who you are voting for, it gets tossed?

Haha @ ro. The dreaded new-age computer English, eh? you are = u r, tonight = 2nite

I hate that, too. Make me cringe everytime.

Re the voting, as long as they can draw and X and keep it in the little box...:wink:

and while picking on things.... how bout them posters who get themselves booted intentionally and continue coming back under new names.

.....with new usernames to disguise their ture identities.....

and they think we dont know!

so ture, so ture! :slight_smile:

And yet again, a KK thread becomes the most hilarious read on the entire internet. Canada's gotta nationalize this guy and keep him in a cage in the end zone of Canad Inns Stadium, or some such.

BTW, whatever became of the KK/Brian Williams halftime show idea, wherein a frustrated Williams boils over in rage and is forced to pummel his co-host with sift arms?

Just a warning to all new posters... if you comment he might pm you to death if he takes an interest in you... so be afraid, be very afraid....