To all Hamilton Tiger Cat Fans

You'll get one of those things, but not the other.

You mentioned: "After we adjusted to Toronto's game plan after the first quarter, the score was 17-10 for us. "
What would you do if you had a 20-0 lead after the 1st quarter?
Exactly - take a little nap, unless it starts getting close.
And I don't want to hear the BS about - 'you need to have experienced CFL coaches'.
I don't see that in Montreals' Tresman, or Toronto's coach either.
It's about preparation, & obviously the Ticats were not.....

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Ya, and Hamilton's coaches all have CFL experience. So the fact that they were out coached once again , well draw your own conclusions, but it does not bode well for the rest of the season.
But they have 10 days to get ready for BC and if they start the same way.......we'll see.

I'm probably one of the most "rah rah" TiCat fans around. And I still watch every game I can on TV (I live in Ottawa so I usually only get to one game a year live). Its like watching a train wreck some times, I always hope they're going to be better, I cheer them on, but the most frustrating part about last nights game was after the pick in the endzone, they were never in the game again. The game just reminded too much of what I have endured over the last few years. Watching the second half and never feeling like they could come back. Of course I'm going to watch again next week and hope for a better result, but I am just so confounded by this team, I don't know what needs to happen. I agree blowing it up again would set us even further back, but my patience is wearing thin.

I was sitting in Box J thirteen rows from our bench. The braintrust need to get together and shows some form of enthusiasim. The blue team was more prepared and fougth a better fight. That all boils down to coaching and leadership. Marcel, step up and take the fight to BC - prepare the team to win - add a little swager to the step and take no crap from any player or any other team member.

In the second quarter we made it a ten point game, at which point the argos had to continue to play hard. You can not even say they were lying down at any point. They kept joseph in on their last possesion for crying out loud.

Another year, another round of bold predictions and optimism. I admit I bought in, I was ready for a sound Argo beating then came the first offensive series and reality came flooding back. It came flooding back like reality to a 'Leafs fan in late October....

The defense was porous at best but they did adjust it was sheer brilliance to stop Jamal Anderson by letting him run until he was too tired to continue. Just to make sure they left the wideouts uncovered to give the beleaguered run defenders a break.

On the positive side I do like the look of Quinton Porter, he has a lot of learning to do but he shows the ability to think when the pocket collapses which is going to be a VERY handy skill. The interception in the endzone excepted. Anthony Calvillo was given very little time to grow and we lost an opportunity. I'm not saying Porter is the next Calvillo but he needs to be given a fair shake.

In the end it is one game but a very telling one. The Cats made the Argos look like the next Grey Cup champ rather than what they are...another poor also ran for the 2009 season.

I bought in too. There's a couple hundred down the drain for season tickets if this crap doesn't get fixed :roll:

I said before the game and was not shocked that the lack of discipline was a major concern. For those who think its the referees fault, I'm glad you aren't part of the coaching staff because the number 1 issue is to quit giving up 100 plus yards of penalties and blaming anyone but the guilty players won't stop the flag day we enjoy game in and game out. The other concern I had was the poor pass coverage. That too reared its ugly head. The defense should be 4-6 weeks ahead of the offense and they aren't. We need them to perform because lets face it, defense is much easier to learn than getting offensive line cohesion and QB/reciever timing. I expected some difficulties with the offense due to a new Oline and QB and thats what we saw, a learning experience. Porter has to be the answer or we are on the QB merry-go-round yet again. He didn't look too bad and I stick by my hope that the vultures are kept at bay and Porter gets an opportunity to learn on the job. Bottom line, the defense lost the game and lack of discipline put on the exclamation mark

30-17 is embarrassing enough for me...

People like you are an embarrassment not the Ticats. You will eat your words by seasons end. Go spew your bull somewhere else

Count me among the embarrassed -- though far from ready to throw in the towel.
What really bugged me was how flat we started. The game's been hyped for a while, the crowd showed up -- far more than I thought they would -- the atmosphere was there...the fight early on (despite the absurd call) got everyone all geared up.

Yet, we looked half asleep. That worries me.

All of these dump passes bothered me too. If it's 2nd and 8, the pattern better damn well get the 8 yards. That makes me question the coaching. Plus, I would have been more than happy with a few incomplete deep passes....just to actually make the Argo D curious as to what we were doing.

My other worry is that, of the 5 guys I went with, one left on his own--- cabbed it home -- couldn't handle anymore...another is a Bills fan who we've got into coming with us for the last coupla years -- he's yet to see a win.

The rest of us are pretty hardcore fans--but with relatively limited disposable income. Won't be easy to find takers for the next flex pak.

I totally agree.... 17 more games to win. We could still finish with a great record. calgary lost their home opener as well. Let's go tabbies. Hamilton will rise again!!!!!

Easy there Brandon boy..... the nagitive talk doesn't flow here. We'll get better.

Japan4 wrote: "japan4 wrote:
"I would just like to remind you that this is only one game of 18. ........ it's been one game. Trust."

japan4: But...look at the other teams who lost their first game too. Calgary and Winnipeg. Hate to say it but they both looked better than we did. :frowning:

We are not up to the level of the other teams in the league yet.
I am optimistic we will improve as the season goes on but my question is.... can we get enough wins to make the playoffs when we were beaten badly by a team that had rookie American coaches and a new offensive system and when we have further to go before we can catch up to the rest of the league?
Maybe we had better resign ourselves to another re-building year.

I don't understand that assumption that the Ticats must be worst than other teams because they lost to the Argos. I'll tell you that Argo team is willing to compete and their oline and running game is wicked. Big , mean and their playing simple football.

Ticats looked really bad in the first quarter but they did ok the rest of the game.

I'm not saying the Ticats are a playoff team. I have some concerns but by no means is their season scrapped.

Bellefeuille needs to get his head out of his sphincter and look around the league because no one has a playbook full of these shitty plays that require perfection before the ball is even released. Distribute the ball out quickly let the guys make plays and take a shot at a post downfield once in a while that's it. Everyone else is satisfied to do it that way... Everywhere Bellefeuille goes Quarterbacks have to look at nothing every play and Olines are made to look like bums.