To all Hamilton Tiger Cat Fans

I would just like to remind you that this is only one game of 18. We weren't embarassed (except the first quarter), and the blame can't be put on one group in particular. Special teams played remarkabley well, and the defence and offence were both patchy, which is to be expected with the turnover we have had this offseason. After we adjusted to Toronto's game plan after the first quarter, the score was 17-10 for us. Too little, too late for us, but it's an encouraging sign nonetheless. This team did not lay down and die after getting burned in the first quarter, and this team is not to blame for all of our trouble in the past 4 seasons. This team has only played one game, and they will push through it. I feel having game tape available for preperation for the BC game will make a difference, seeing the difference that was made inbetween the first and second quarters. We have to stick it out as fans..and keep concentrating on the good, and eventually this team will work through it, they'll gel and before you know it they'll be a winning football team. We can't give up on them this easily, it's been one game. Trust.

well said :cowboy:

lol thank you. Although I am way too optomistic, I really think there is reason to be this year! And coming on and seeing theads titled "it's not that bad" made me realize, I may be being reasonable this time!

Yes well said but let’s not get over optimistic here.
One it is Toronto (nobody) only team they beat is us.
Special teams hmm. I was on field sidelines first and fourth Quarter . Nothing over special about are special teams (other then punt returns score B plus) Overall they scored avg in this game.
Defense. Well the likes of Montreal Calgary Edmonton and Sask will run right over these guys.

They score way below avg.

Offense. Well the trades to make a better O line did not look any better then last year. No pressure.

Porter well he showed heart HE IS YOUNG and some more “Chemistry? with the rec core there is hope here.
So they scored avg.
Running backs! Well we need one because I failed to see one on the field tonight. Failing mark
Offense as a whole well avg at best.

Positives yes as a team they never gave up. Setta blowing what should been a day at the office field goal would made it only a 10 point loss. “Hey the defending Grey cup champs lost by 13 on their home field tonight too. The fight well I was 10 yards from it on the sidelines and I got no idea how we ending up giving them 20 yards and ultimately their first TD.

So yes not all is lost. It only game one. The next two games BC and the blue bloopers in our house will tell us if it is going to be another long season that ends to soon.

Go Cats Go

This team is garbage you could put names in a hat and pick a better team in an eight team league you should make the playoffs once in a while even by luck stop making excuces for them it's a slap in the face to the people that buy tickets for this team especially in these hard times. WAKE UP :thdn:

I aggree one game is way to early to judge.

Poorly said - typical bull$h!t apologies for a franchise that is known for serial ineptitude.

My heart will always to with the Tiger's my wallet im not so sure of......

Who is your favourite CFL football team?

Just wondering.

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Bellfeathers was quoted as saying we were beaten in all three facets of the game last night.

"They say you have to win two of three phases to win the game, we got beat in all three phases. The score was indicative of the game,' Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said.

I disagree. I thought, other than punting, we outplayed the blue team in the special teams phase. Our downfield tackling was very good, if not excellent. Marquay McDaniels did an awesome job returning punts: but for an uncalled trip he returned one for a TD! I don't how he could possibly think we were outplayed. My two cents worth anyway...

It is a long season, however all of the preseason predictions on this site had Toronto in a transition year and being on the bottom of the standings at season's end. I would have to say for a transition team they are still ahead of the Ticats.
The Cats still have problems on both lines and in the secondary.
Special teams are ok.
The best news is that Porter appeared poised. I didn't see the panic that Printers and others had last year.
Best of luck in BC next week. They are going to need it. First win may not happen until week 3.

you thought he looked poised? He looked like he would rather run than toss the ball last night, and when he did throw the ball it was usually 2 and long but he just threw a 2 yard dump off pass that didn't go anywhere.

You obviously were not watching the same game I was. Zero separation from the receivers, a 2-safety deep zone, and a collapsing pocket were the main reasons that Porter had to dump the ball to the checkdown receiver, and/or tuck it in and run. I'm with Russ on some things - the total lack of crossing routes, picks, etc.

Oh yeah - the loss of TWO running backs killed us too.

Based on the protection he was given, and the fact that the recievers were struggling all night, I thought that Porter did very well in the situation he was given.

People say this junk every year "It's one game" Hamilton doesn't deserve a team, it's an embarrassment to the rest of the CFL. 27 fans show up to the game and then 10 minutes in it's 20-0.

I was watching the same game and don't agree, there were a ton of times where we had an open guy but decided to pull it in and run or just throw the short route, and when its second and 10 id rather see porter take the extra time and possibly get sacked than just throw the dump pass.

Exactly what I've been trying to say. Our young, inexperienced team had a shaky first ten minutes of footbal..big suprise :roll: . Besides those first ten minutes however, we outscored the argos 17-10. It was those first ten minutes where new guys were getting out jitters and whatnot that cost us, and we won't have those in the second game. Also, having game film will really help us prepare I think, seeing as the adjustments that were made after the first ten minutes were quite effective. We've gotta hang in here..

I thought most of the problems were mental errors that more experience and solid coaching should improve.

Football doesn't work like that. You cant say we played better than them after the first 10 minutes. We scored our second td with 57 seconds left, i dont think the argos were that worried considering they had a 20 point lead.

Ok, so then we tied them after that. And you definately can, with a new team, new coordinators and coaches and in the first game of the season having a terrible first quarter or first half even is not unreasonable by any means.