Ok. This has got to stop! I know that last nights game was incredibly disappointing! And i know that the lack of discipline and good play calling is frusterating. But you know what, we are fans. We are with this team through the thick and the thin. We can't just jump off the bandwagon after this game, because let's face it this team is going to need time to gel. We are all good fans (I hope) and we need to show that. This team is going to turn it around, and I don't want any of us getting off the bandwagon only to get back on again. I for one am always going to be a fan, even though it will be hard sometimes. One of the hard times is right now! We need to stick with this team. This is the time when the players need us the most, and many of you are just saying "this is the same as last year, we suck, blah blah blah". I have news for you: saying that is NOT going to help anything. We need to remain supportive of this team, and have Faith in this team. Not only because they need us right now, but because we are good fans, and anything less would be a let down to ourselves.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Go post Blitz,

As ticat fans we have to have faith, that this will get turned around. I really believe that part of our problem is that our team has been losing for so long, that we dont know what a winning attitude is. The players and coaches have to really dig deep ( sorry for the cheesy cliche) and get back to being a hard nosed steeltown team again. I will always stand behind the cats too!! Lets all just hope that the cats can start believing in themselves again!!

Its not just this game... its this game PLUS the last several seasons.

Im not jumping off the bandwagon but I seriously wouldnt blame anyone who did.

I find the postings and comments very tame actually. I think most fans expect this now which isnt good. It will turn around, I know it will. Its a test to many peoples patience though.




please stop yelling at us..

You can be mad, positive and supportive at the same time.

Exactly, Blitz...we are an emotional group of fans...which, normally, makes for a good time down at the stadium.

When people are venting, they still care. What would really worry me is if people stopped their complaining after losses.

Why should they be "rolling better" by now?? Because they had 2 weeks of non-contact training camp and 2 pre-season games that a good lot of them didn't even see action in?? I had high expectations (hopes really). Realistically if ANY team replaced nearly half of their roster, it would take them some time to get it right.

Good post BG , how are you anyways ??

Went the game last night and sat in my new seasons ticket Section 25........... My grandson and I were very disapointed with the attendance - Go figure the first time in 31 years we open the season and we can not sell out the stadium. What a joke .... this team has the right horses - it just needs the right trainer to get the job done.

I agree with Borehamgirl. Unfortunately for fans, there's been a new GM nearly every year for 5 years and the team gets cleaned out every year. So we will suffer with the growing pains.

But I saw alot of positives in ability and I'm expecting them to get better every week. I've said it before and I'll say it again - by midseason the flashes we saw from the offense last night will be commonplace. I do believe that the group of young guys they have now are keepers.

Some fans want to clean house again, in a futile attempt to fix the problem by repeating the actions which have built the problem - high player turn over. Look at the elite teams in the league. Calgary's offense is great and they've had the same core for 5 years. Burris and his receivers know each other inside out. Our quarterback and receivers have known each other for 3 weeks. After several disappointing season it's hard to accept that we have to be patient and let the team develop but we do. This isn't the same team as last year...or the year before...or the year before that. And that is part of the problem. IF we clean house again or airlift guys in at midseason, it'll be the same thing all over again. I guarantee it.

So why replace half the roster? And promise a competitive product?

Replacing Armour for Mariuz....A real winner so they can play an american safety. Then use the first pick of to draft a NI safety. but use FA money to sign Miles and not use him.

Turning down Watkins for a 1st rounder and Marcoux... Obi should have taken the deal then draft an olinesman or a LB.

How many interviews did Taffe conduct for his coordinators? He certainly didn't call Montreal...Was he even planning to coach with them???

Soft training camp by Papa "Smurf" Taffe...Walk trough practices while the als were busting their ....5 to 6 hours a day plus 3 hours of classroom time a day.

Mitchell referred to as "Demented"

The "dirty" dishes is all over the place

Well first off when your mistakes look somewhat the same with different players it tells you the problem lies in the coaching staff. Not sure if OB watched the last few years of Stampeder films but a Denny Crehan defense is bad to worse each season. They declared a holiday when he was let go in Calgary. The tough guy talk with his players gets weak very fast. If he stays expect constant player replacements and no continuity. Can you say Tom Higgens the only fix for this team.

OK Blitz4:
Please explain why criticism over last nights game equals not being behind this team. I have been a Ti-Cat supporter since 1961. Are you telling me I am not behind this team when I say there are problems with the coaching staff? Being critical of a team that is wallowing in sub-standard play DOES help. Honest appraisals by fans are a plus to any team. Should we put reality on hold? Do we leave honest appraisals to the journalists only?
Why are we not supportive when we care enough to offer criticism instead of blind jingo-ism?

MR62cats wrote,

have been a Ti-Cat supporter since 1961. Are telling me I am not behind this team when I say there are problems with the coaching staff? Being critical of a team that is wallowing in sub-standard play DOES help. Honest appraisals by fans are a plus to any team. Should we put reality on hold? Do we leave honest appraisals to the journalists only?
Why are we not supportive when we care enough to offer criticism instead of blind jingo-ism?

You have some very valid points here.

I think you speak for a lot of the real ticat fans here, that live and die with this team. I think there is a difference between getting PO`d and venting on the forum, than to say, your done with the ticats and your not going to the games anymore.

Its understandable that fans are getting upset. Especially out of a league of 8 teams we have been on the bottom for 4 years. Im hoping the team can turn this around.

This team WILL turn things around. But not necessarily with the same coaches and some of the players. Football, like any sport, is always in a state of change.
Obie is hard-nosed enough to do the right thing. The question is how long is he willing to wait now that last years on-field problems are still with us?

I’ve been a Ti-Cat fan for years I know the importance of being behind a team no matter what but at some point the team and coaching staff have to give the fans something to be proud of. Last year the team and staff came onto the field and made promises to the fans that the next season was going to be different and all I am asking for is for them to make good on their promises. I am one of the few fans that stick around till the clock runs out in the fourth quarter and I know that it is hard for players to watch as the stands empty out with 5 or more minutes on the clock, but if they want to make the fans stay give them a reason to stay. If it’s not for a win just make the game exciting to watch, fans know that not every game can produce a victory but some excitement would make games more interesting and appealing to new and old fans.

Well said Blitz4. I agree with some others though. Some of the banter is good though too. As long as they are going to games and supporting the cats and remaining passionate, it's all good. Hey, even Pigskin Pete is new. :slight_smile:

It's Canada Day weekend!

I agree That we need to relax. This is the first game in a new system and it will take time I know it hard but have patience