Tnak you saskatchewan

riders, fans and media

he took your manure and look what he made of it.

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your loss, lions gain :rockin:

People from Saskatchewan can't count, and people from BC can't
Anyways... That was almost 10 years about beating a dead horse. Even if the whole missed field goal and subsequent manure dump never occured, the chances of McCallum still being with the Riders is very remote when you consider the fact that only 4 members of the 2007 Grey Cup championship Riders remain with the team. The odds of anyone being left from the 2004 team is very remote.
Secondly, to call Paul McCallum an athelte really is pushing it....Paul can kick a ball well, but you ever see him try to tackle? It's great to sww him get the kudos.... but Comeon.. he is a kicker...
My final point, If he played for any other team then his hometown Lions, Does he win this award? The answer is no.

So you are saying that you are from BC, I take it ?

I spent most of my life there...Unfournately, I can earn 3 times as much money in Calgary or Saskatoon doing the exact same job... Gotta love how we gave all of our jobs away to Americans, Indians and Filipenos. A first year carpenter makes a higher hourly wage in Saskatoon then a Journeyman Carpenter makes in Vancouver... Go figure... Plus most jobs require that you speak Punjabi now in Vancouver.

He still has no chin :wink:

Congrats Paul

...he also yaps a lot, I'm surprised no one has outright ear-holed him yet

...Paul McCallum, not Bombs Away, just to be clear....although the latter could use a good shot to the head too...

You can also add people from BC also don't know proper grammer. Saskatchewan should be capitalized.

spellin spellin spellin, blah blah blah, anal anal anal

I don't normally criticize people for their spelling on internet forums, but you have to admit, this one's pretty bad. You completely forgot one leter, and the ones you did write down aren't even in the correct odrer. If you had any credibility on these forums to begin with, it would have gone out the window with that typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one cares about grammer.

sometimes I type too fast. I usually proof read, but that one got by me....whatever.

as for grammar and punctuation. I usually choose not to use apostrophe, hyphen, and often capitals. its called lazy typing.

however, I will admit, I never passed grade 8 english and I do forget how a lot of words are spelled as time goes on.

I dont eat much fish, or take omega suppliments

now, back to bananaza

What the heck is Tnak? LOL . At first I thought it was some kinda Prairie slang.

you shouldn’t be knocking Saskatchewanians.

there are A LOT of people in Canada that are either 1st or 2nd Generation Saskatchewan citizens.

Saskatchewan had been having a lot of problems with economy and jobs…


Saskatchewan is on a huge rebound and they have one of the best economies in this country.

they’re going to be one the wealthiest provinces once the Oil companies move in.

you should start giving Saskatchewan some respect. cause one day you might have to move there in order to make a decent living.

Paul McCallum, "athlete"...that would be news to me before this past season lol.
But on a more serious note, I think some of you are taking the language police thing a bit too far. Most posts in this thread have mistakes. So what?

"Leter", "Unfourtunately, "Grammer""

if golfers are athletes, then even the lions waterboy is an athlete.

I hope you didn't take my post seriously. I didn't mean any of it really. I just like bugging FYB. I also left a letter out of "letter" and got the order of the letters in "order" wrong on purpose. Personally, I think policing grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. on the internet (and almost anywhere outside of essays for school and publishing) is generally a waste of time, but if someone makes too many grammatical and spelling mistakes, I'm not going to bother reading what they write.

You can tell its a few months into the off season lol .... gotta stir the pot to get some reaction.......

90 days give or take to training camps open.

and anyone see hide or hair of turkeybend yet? I blame him for the riders last season :cowboy:

pretty sure that a couple of months ago, I saw a guy wearing a bombers jersey with the name turkeybend on it.