TMZ reporter asks Sly Stallone if Tebow should go to CFL

in a derogatory query, this TMZ correspondent asks Stallone if Tim Tebow should go the the CFL now that he is at the “end of his ropes” (after being cut by the Eagles)

Stallone replies: “are you Tim Tebow’s agent?”

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Seemed they were more making fun of Stallone. Didn't get a feeling that they were mocking the CFL at all.

Funny video though! I like Stallone at the beginning "oh my god."

Stallone did not make any slight against the CFL, but the reporter did ask if he thought Tebow should go to the CFL now that he is at the end of his ropes.

I don’t think Tebow would make any CFL team. I think he does not have the attributes to play as a CFL quarterback. However he could come to the CFL and try out as a lineman.

With all due respect to the CFL, no American kid grows up dreaming of playing in the CFL. I'd suggest in most cases, they would barely know the league exists until they realize their NFL dream is dead.

The majority of American players come to the CFL because they have nowhere else to go but want to play professional football. Once they arrive and experience the game I would think their respect for the League would increase dramatically and many end up loving not only the 3 down football but also the country....they marry a Canadian girl and make a life north of the 49th.

It's no knock on the CFL, it's the nature of the beast. A parallel would be a Canadian kid playing pro hockey in Europe. It's not what he planned, and if he could make a NHL team he certainly would be playing in North America, but some are just not talented enough. They, like many US football players, make the decision that if they're going to play the sport they love and get paid for it, they may not be able to do it at home.

I think he would do at least as well as Dan Lefevour.

don't slight danny like that.

Should Tim Tebow go to CFL?

People here watch TMZ? I’m totally judging.

Sly Stallone better watch what he says or former CFL player Apollo Creed is gonna kick his ass again

I'd rather play for free for the BC Lions than play for a million dollars for the Seahawks. I'm not even kidding