TJ Jones Situation

The T.J. Jones situation remains unresolved.

The free-agent deal TJ Jones signed last month with the Toronto Argonauts is still being held up. Jones, a Winnipeg native, agreed to a contract reportedly worth $200,000 annually with the Argos on Feb. 14 after spending six seasons in the NFL.

Under the current rules, Canadian "rookies" are capped at a salary of no more than $80,000 annually.
Ironically enough, if Jones were to have a great year with the Argos, he would be ineligible for the CFL’s rookie of the year award because of his time in the NFL.
So when it comes to paying him, he's a Canadian rookie. When it comes to an award, then all of a sudden he's a veteran player and therefore ineligible. Hypocrisy much?

Newly minted CFLPA president Solomon Elimimian sent the CFL a proposal Monday regarding this issue . The league hasn't yet responded yet.

So we have a guy who would be considered a "national" player, who is a ratio breaker, wants to play up here, and someone kids could aspire to become, and his future is up in limbo over this nonsense.

This situation needs to be resolved ASAP, and he needs to enter the league

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