TJ Hill now an Eskimo

TSN is saying we just signed him. I'm beginning to think management thinks if they sign enough defensive all-stars, our defence will suddenly become good. :expressionless:

Yes but this one makes sense, inserts a darn good LB into your corps, and allows moving Malveaux back to the secondary where you need help.

And for gawd's sake move Goss back to HB where he belongs.

Don't get me wrong. I like the signing, and I'm surprised it actually took this long for someone to grab him. I just think it's funny that every year we sign a bunch of great defensive players, and yet our defence still sucks.

Oh well. Hopefully adding TJ Hill will help.

It is a puzzler, Chief.............good talent there on paper............well qualified defensive minds on the sidelines in Kepley, Daley, and Richie Hall...............and yet ..................................what gives? I dunno..................

I beginning to think maybe Kepley could be the problem . No real coaching experiance , he was a great player but doesn't always translates to good coach.

Did anyone notice if TJ Hill had an impact on the field? Our defence was pretty bad in the first half, and according to the stats, he only had 2 tackles, but we did seem to tighten things up in the second half.

Well Chief what I saw was what I referred to earlier. Having Hill at LB enabled you to move Malveaux back into the secondary, and thus allowing the move of Goss back from the corner to Halfback where he belongs. Moving Goss from corner back to HB is what makes the whole excercise worthwhile…yes he got one pass interference penalty, but otherwise he’s your best shutdown HB and should not be wasted out on the corner.

The play didn't go TJ's way very often, so he must have been doing something right. I was disappointed with Malveaux the most in our secondary, but it could be that he is just getting used to being back in the secondary after playing Sam LB the past three games. And our defence played well in the first half, and let up slightly in the second. The huge lead that we spotted them in the first half was due to a Ray INT that went back for six, and a Trizmo fumble on a return that had Sask. starting at our 30(Hardly the defences fault). Run defense was phenomenal IMO, and we forced Durant into taking short sideline completions.

Also probably the best game Kai Ellis has played in a long time....