TJ Harris' status - he ain't goin' anywhere

From the FP:

IT'S not about drawing a line in the sand or being difficult.

But when it comes to receiver Terence Jeffers-Harris -- his agent Gil Scott told Wednesday night the 22-year-old would enter this spring's NFL draft -- the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are now prepared to make something very clear: they expect him to be wearing their colours this coming season.

"He is a player under contract just like any other player under contract and we have an expectation he will abide by it," said Bomber assistant GM Ross Hodgkinson from Vancouver, where he is attending the annual CFL Congress. "Otherwise, this is a dangerous door to open."

This issue isn't without precedent, however. Back in 1995 the Bombers drafted receiver Tamarick Vanover in the dispersal draft of Las Vegas Posse players after that franchise folded. Vanover was also drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the spring of '95 -- he had been an all-American punt returner at Florida State -- and the Bombers then essentially sold his rights to the Chiefs.

All that said, the Bombers did speak to representatives from the CFL office Thursday morning to clarify some issues, namely what happens if Jeffers-Harris is drafted -- and that would be a long shot given his contractual obligation to the CFL for one more season -- or if a team expressed interest in signing him as a free agent after the draft?

In the end, while the Bombers were aware this issue could arise the minute they signed a player with college eligibility remaining as Jeffers-Harris did not play with Vanderbilt after transferring from Connecticut because of academic issues, the conclusion the organization came to over the last few days is this: they will not let him out of his current deal and won't let him work out with NFL teams in advance of the draft.

"This has created some significant concern," Hodgkinson said. "There seems to be this notion that because he may be drafted this makes this a special situation and a special circumstance different than any other player that wants to go to the NFL. (Bomber receiver) Greg Carr wants to go to the NFL, so should we just let him go? Why would we let a player under contract work out for an NFL team, because we're Good Samaritans? What happens if he gets hurt working out for an NFL team?

"We are talking about a player under contract, similar to any other player we have under contract. Do you want to set a precedent, for whatever reason, and then what happens when 41 other guys under contract come knocking on your door and say, 'I live in Toronto, I want to go play in Toronto?' We simply can't have that happen."

...I think Harris's agent better re-read the Cfl rules again and give his head a shake...What on earth was that man thinking...As much as he would like to get a nice big pay-cheque from TJ Harris IF he signed with an nfl club (ain't happening) It would open the door to all kinds of rule infractions....Message to Mr. Gill whoever...The CFL is a professional league ...respect it...end of... :wink: :cowboy:

Rules are cut and dry, and it should be a non issue anyway since the NFL still seems headed to a lockout. But once u get an idiot agent whispering in a players ear... hope this doesn't get messy and the player comes in motivated to have a good season and not pouting. If he has a good year TJH will take a shot at the NFL after this season. I'm guessing Carr will do the same after this season as well though. Receiving corps could take a hit if we lost both in the offseason.

With respect to Gil Scott, the article I saw only attributed to him that TJ was now eligible for the draft and that the NFL said TJ could work out with NFL teams if he had the Bombers' permission. The part about TJ's contract being bought out didn't seem to be attributed to anyone but that can be done.

Having said that, apparently Joe Mack told Hustler & Lawless that TJ had told him that he was going to honour his contract no matter what happened with the draft. So I don't think we need to worry about any whispers.

Personally, I don't think TJ will be drafted due to his contract situation which is probably what he prefers. Being a free agent would likely be a better situation for him than being drafted.

$130,000 a year for J.Jackson.

....Sometimes i think agents open their mouths when not needed ..Of course the Bombers aren't going to give TJ permisssion to work out with nfl clubs....Injury being of biggest concern...We have to protect our rights/interests and i think Harris understrands that....With regards to him coming into camp with a bad attitude, how would that work to the best interest of anyone...A player seen as a disturbance or 'not putting in a genuine effort' would probably be regarded by nfl teams as a huge negative...I don't think TJ wants to be seen in that light...And speaking of 'lights' ...that's exactly what Harris has to do for the Bombers this year, 'light it up', to expect any notariety...There'll be a lot of people watching :wink:

No offense intended Backer but we know that Jackson re-signed with BC, you have posted it under the proper thread a couple of times already and honestly I am happy that BC threw $130K at an average, Older back up QB instead of us anyways ... Now on to TJH, i am happy to hear he will honor his contract and i think he will come in on a mission and have a great season, i just hope all this crap doesn't come back to haunt us IF TJH does NOT make the NFL, i hope he would want to come back to the Bomber's since we gave him a shot in the first place .... To put it in simple terms, i hope he DOES NOT become a whiner and PULL OFF a Titus Ryan (who i have absolutely no respect for) ... and i am happy to see Titus Ryan where he is, NOWHERE!!!

Thanksblueandgoldnation; I tend to get carried away at times and it’s good that someone points that out to me when I repeat myself. However, I try to contribute to the forums as best I can but sometimes “its no can do”. Cheers