TJ Harris cut..

a little bit surprising, but it sounds like he didn't like how rarely he was used, and he really hadn't done anything to deserve playing time this year. I like the guy and I'm sure he'll get a shot somewhere else.

It's too bad we have to cut some of our receiver depth now, when nobody else is going to get to pick him up anyway, and we might have a need for it in the next couple of weeks.. but if he was becoming a distraction, best he's gone.

Hey, if you don't want to accept your role with the team, see ya later.

.....Good luck to Harris....Mack found him where we'll probably find is full of TJ's....It's just a matter of time till we sign someone of similar qualities...Hello Mr. Denmark :wink: :rockin: ...I heard from a source that Harris along with his girlfriend 'chirping' in the stands were becoming a distraction....Not a good way to start a professional career...BUT they're young....they'll learn ...adios :wink:

In some ways I'm surprised and in others, I'm not. I've read enough comments at various message boards (by multiple posters) about his girlfrieng going on and on at practices about how hard done by TJ was and how Mack was ruining his career and crap like that. If he felt even a fraction of what she was saying then I suspect he would have been a malcontent in the dressing room.

An excerpt from the Free Press:

Team sources said there was no single major incident this week that led to Jeffers-Harris being released. Rather, today’s move was described as the cumulative result of a long list of violations of team policies by a disgruntled player, including a string of late appearances at team functions and missed meetings.

Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice didn’t have much to say about the release following practice at Canad Inns Stadium today, but what he did say was blunt. "All I say to that is that we released him for violation of team rules. It’s not the first time it’s happened and so we just decided to go in a different direction. At this crucial time of the year, I think everyone’s focus should be on winning a championship.

"So I think the best interests of everybody, including TJ, is to release him."
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Thanks, LaPolice.
-Ticat Nation

Not shocking in the least, was predictable as soon as it was announced he was released. I'm surprised they just didn't suspend him and release him at the end of the season or let his contract expire. Regardless of any insight TJH can give them they still need to execute. Their D gave up over 500 yards to the Als offence, not exactly the caliber of D that wins championships. Story of the game - if they get to Glenn and he makes mistakes like he has in each of the games vs winnipeg this season, the Bombers will win again.

What could he possibly add to the Cats knowledge of the Bomber playbook that they don't already know? The Ticats don't look like they are hurting at receiver and this seems more like a 'stunt' than anything. Mind games, Bellfielle likes to try to play them.

...hey is business....In any case the signing by Ham. could backfire..Harris could supply them with the info. he had at all his missed meetings with the Bombers :lol: AND show them how to really drop the ball in traffic...I could care less about his move to the cats...Seems like a publicity stunt more than anything...The guy bulked-up to head to the nfl...why is anyone bothering :lol: Of course this now opens the door for other clubs to start signing late cuts to their pr roster...I know there's a few receivers the Bombers could talk to :wink: GoBombers :rockin:

...All in all one has to ask the question....are the cats that desperate????? :lol:

wonder what’s worse, the distraction TJH was in the locker room and team meetings or the distraction he now becomes as a head storyline heading into the game and bomber players and coaches having to deal with those questions

…I.m sure Mack went over all of the eventualities…this being one of them…Harris cannot be anywhere near our club for the big run…that was paramount :wink: Let him be a distraction in the hammer :thup:

Hey, if the version of the playbook TJH is telling you is the one he played by this year, it's quite likely this is what LaPolice wanted. He can tell you all the wrong routes for our inside receivers to run.

Desperate looking move by the Cats imo. If you're not prepared and confident in your knowledge by this point, you're probably in trouble, lol.

Why ? It costs them 500.00 a week to have a promising 21 year old receiver in camp next year. All the Bomber fans were raving about this guy for the last two years and he shows some immaturity, yes he's 21... and now he's a bum ?

This is a good signing by the Cats, Adarius Bowman, Jerome Messam, Arland Bruce are all guys that have benefited from a change this year.

TJH is only signed to a PR agreement only, not a contract, through the end of this season, he will become a FA once the season is over according the what was on the scratching post and is ineligible to play in any playoff game they have this season. It is what it is, an attempt to add a disgruntled player who could dish on your next playoff opponent. The TiCats don't get anything else from him unless he signs a new contract in the offseason, and that's not really likely unless he can't get the NFL shot he, his agent, and everyone else feeding him info feels he should get.

I keep reading that he is 21 years old; the CFL release mentions that he is 26 years old.

He was born June 24,1988;therefore, he is 23.

You wonder why he was cut at this time and why Hamilton signed him to their practice roster. He can’t play for Hamilton this year/in their last game,at least I hope.


I should have clarified that with 'for those who think this signing somehow gives Hamilton new information of the Bomber offense they didn't already have'.

And I agree with what you said above about being a good potential signing for next season.

I don't think it's a bad signing. But no Bomber fans were raving about this guy this year. Last year, yeah, but he was actually good last year.

He came back this year and he was an unmitigated disaster. If this were his rookie year he would never have made it past Week 3. He was downright awful. Dropped half the passes thrown his way. Fumbled half the ones he actually caught. He lost a bunch of speed in the off-season, the very thing that made him so good a year earlier. It was easy to see he was distracted by NFL aspirations.

TJH may prove to be worth the risk, he's got the potential to be a very good receiver, it's a good pick-up for next year, but he was absolutely brutal this year. Everyone saying he sucks right now isn't saying it because he just signed in Hamilton, they were saying the same things twelve weeks ago.

...Im going to give my take on the Harris situation starting from the beginning of the year...It;s sad that he ever reported to us this season....I say that because of recent reports on his behaviour....He's not a team first kind of guy...He did diddly all year with what i'm guessing is a hate-on for Mack and Lapo, believing somehow they were screwing with his nfl aspirations....He most likely was 'dogging' it all year as was witnessed by his play...It's a wonder he didn't have a more detrimental effect on the team as a whole...Anyway..he's off to the TiCats now and their problem......IF he sticks around the CFL next season...I hope Heffney and Jovon have a big welcome for him when they meet in different unis'...Heh heh...should be good :rockin:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice said he never anticipated receiver Terence Jeffers-Harris would sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats -- Winnipeg’s opponent in Sunday’s CFL East Division final -- when the team decided to release the receiver Thursday morning for violating team rules.
If Lapo is genuine with this statement, it really makes him look naive. What can one expect would happen in this situation? There were a few players that switched teams during the season and there was talk about how they could benefit their new team with insider info on their former team - Bruce, Tad Kornegay, Jerome dennis going from the cats to the lions. It's a common thread when one player goes from one team to another and should have been a primary consideration. The final decision may still have been the same, though suspension with a "stay away" notice still would've been better IMO, but if they genuinely never considered the possibility of him jumping ship to their competition prior to making that decision then that was a mistake.