TJ Acree

I'm from the Boise area, and a BIG fan of TJ Acree. He was a SUPERSTAR at Boise State, and was a great Playmaker! He knows how to get open, and when he gets the ball he is really fun to watch. He has great hands, great speed, great quickness. I heard he made the TEAM. Does anyone else have any other news on TJ this year. I can't wait to watch him in action again. He definitely will be a great asset to the Lions.

Well , that's interesting to hear. He was on our practice roster last year. I hate to sound negative but he's not a starter. You see , in case you're new to the Lions , we got a stellar group of recievers . In fact , they're the best group in the league , atleast we like to think so.
But if he made the practise roster , he should be pretty good as they had some real good recievers who couldn't even make that. Right from the start it was going to be very tough for any newcomers to make that receiving core , and they brought a whole lot of them in to TC for some reason.
It seems there was so much depth at training camp this season you could almost have made a decent team just from the cut's. Shame we couldn't use all the good players.
Just watch a few games and you'll see what I mean.

I have watched TJ perform and I know what he is capable of. I know that all of the recievers are good, but just watch Acree this year, and you will see why the Lion Coaches regard him so highly, and why they kept him on the Team. He will be returning some punts I feel, and helping in many ways. The guy is tough, and really has talent. He is one of those guys that when he gets the ball, he has a gear that few possesses. He is really special. He came from a Team at Boise State that was no fluke. They were rated as high as #4 in the Nation. He was defintiely the go to guy, and a real play maker. Again, I know that there are a lot of great guys on the Team, but this guy is one of those special guys with guts, skill, speed, and the uncanny ability to get open all the time. Then, as he catches the ball (and the guy seems to have "glue hands" that can catch anything in his area), he is gone. Yes, I can't wait to see more games, and watch what you write after you see him start entering the line-up, and making those BIG plays that he makes happen. Here's to a great Lion year! I'm hoping that they will go all the way.