tj acree

signed with the eskies today...saw a few games with him last year...ok possesion reciver i guess he'll be ok

...its o.k. to post out of embarrassment...there is probably therapeutic value in doing so...let it out corny, let it all out....

TJ sort of reminds me of Jimmy Sandusky, minus the moves and hands... :stuck_out_tongue:

Acree is tough as nails ... good luck in EDM

In the limited time he had he looked pretty good . He showed very good hands and moves. Give him development time and he'll be a good receiver .

this guy is soft, ive seen kickers tougher than he is. I saw a news report where he complained about getting roughed up outside a sushi bar at 3Am, what fool is eating sushi at 3am? what kind of football player chills at sushi bars, and the dude was in vancouver, why wasnt he getting some hunnies at those vancouver nightclubs.

maybe he was hammered with his buddies and they got hungry...

nope, i saw the news report, and he claimed he wasnt drinking and their was some fight outside a sushi restaurant and that he got roughed up, well maybe he was hammered, because only a fool would admit to get roughed up outside a sushi restaurant.

Because we all know eating sushi makes you a bad player. :roll: :roll:

sushi is for ****.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Where do these people keep coming from? Prepare to have that post deleted truwarier.

Truwarier , you're an idiot.

go eat your sushi and get off my jock.

Ha ha ha you guys need the season to start but I am leaning towards Pennw on this one. Sushi is good! Brain food just maybe you should eats lots of it.

You all know truwarier is iceman, right? Knowing that, are we really surprised at this comment?

Acree is definitely NOT soft

It all makes sense now! :roll:

One of your pupils AWOL from Detention Hall? :wink:

Nope - my students can use logic and reason, for the most part.

Did you ever pass grade 5?

The Esks signed Incompleterson too today, have the mighty fallen to such depths.