Tix Prices for Bills in Toronto Announced.

They've finally announced the pricing structure for those 8 Bills games and its pretty steep. The Toronto organizers paid the Bills $78 million for those 8 games and it looks like the intend to make that back and a whole lot more. What a price gouge!!

The following is from today's Toronto Star.

An Argo-Cat fan


Hot Bills tickets to demand deep pockets

May 08, 2008 04:30 AM

Football fans hoping to take in the Buffalo Bills' games at the Rogers Centre will have to shell out as much as $295 per ticket.

And that's not even for the best seats in the house.

How much will the most desirable pews set you back? Well, make sure you have plenty of maximum spending room on your credit card.

The price of those seats – between the 20-yard lines and the entire 200 level – has yet to be set. However, speculation is that they will command anywhere from $350-$500 as part of a VIP package that could include parking and other enticements.

The best seats at Ralph Wilson Stadium are $77. For Argos games last year, the best seats were $79, although a slight increase is anticipated this year.

Organizers of the Bills in Toronto Series announced yesterday that 180,000 people have registered for a chance to be selected through a lottery to buy the 30,000 seats that are being made available to that eager group.

The first 5,000 chosen at random will get their opportunity to buy tickets during the week of May 19. Five more groups of 5,000 will get a similar chance starting May 29.

Toronto Argonauts and Buffalo Bills season ticket holders, however, will get first dibs. They'll get their chance beginning May 13 and 15, respectively.

The most expensive seats available in this initial offering will carry a price tag of $295 for a three-game package – pre-season and regular-season games this year and in 2009.

Those will be in the 100 level (field level) between the 20-yard lines and the back of the end zones. If you opt for the eight-game package, the price drops to $270.

At Ralph Wilson Stadium, comparable seats cost $66.

The cheapest seats for the Toronto games are $55. Those are in the 500 level on either side of the video board and hotel windows facing the field, providing you buy the eight-game package.

A spokesperson for the Bills in Toronto Series said those considering buying a VIP package seat or seats should purchase a lower-priced seat and the price of those tickets will be applied to an upgrade to a VIP seat. The Bills' first contest at Rogers Centre will be against the Pittsburgh Steelers in an pre-season game Aug. 14 and then they'll take on the Miami Dolphins in a regular-season clash Dec. 7.

Not worth it …
Ticats are So much a Better Vaule…
For the NFL…
I rather go to Detroit and Watch the NFC…

Not worth it for me either but then I'm not one of those fans that absolutely would love Toronto/Canada to have their own NFL team, it's not that important to me. But it is important that football take a higher profile in Canada in every village, town and city. And if the NFL in Toronto helps do that without harming the CFL in any way but rather enhancing the CFL overall in Canada, then I want the NFL to have a team here.

Interesting economics. My seat at IWS that I pay $50/game is ten times that for the Rogers Bills.

I guess the average football fan won't be buying those in quantity or regularity.

If the corporate community doesn't embrace this novelty, then Buffalo has nothing to worry about.

What I suspect will happen is there will be interest in years one and two, start dwindling after that and by year five it will be a footnote in franchise history.

There are many racing fans in Southern Ontario, but the Molson Indy isn't a success. The same fate I see for this little exercise in billionare ego.

I don't know Ockham, once you see the new stadiums in Dallas and New York and LA is strongly looking to get back in the NFL, I can't see how the business people in Toronto would not want the NFL there for business and tourism and be part of this. National TV exposure like the WS for the Blue Jays, the NFL is THE television event which is why it's so successful.

Go to the Cowboys website and check out their new stadium going up, unreal. Toronto would be stupid not to want to be part of this, dwarfs the NHL.

With all due respect, Earl, this is Ted Rogers and Larry Tannenbaum we're talking about here. They're in this to make a good buck (have to recoup the $78 million they shelled out for the 8-game series somehow), and if they make a decent profit, then maybe they'll pursue an NFL franchise. However, since most tickets are priced out of the common fan's range, you're going to see alot of corporate people snagging the ducats (namely the platinum seat holders at the ACC during Leaf games). But getting back to my point..

While they say they're trying to enhance the CFL by having 20,000 of the seats available to Argo season ticket holders, I personally think that this could harm the Argos as a whole. They claim over 100,000 people signed up to be part of the lottery. Yet, we haven't heard any figures on how many of those signed up for Argo seasons. I'm more curious to find out about that statistic, then we'll see if there really is the ability for the CFL and the NFL to co-exist in the same city; specifically the Bills pre-season game against the Steelers taking place the night before the Argos host the Als (I won't be going to either, I have a convention slated that weekend).

mongo, I agree it could blow the Argos out of the water, or at least to BMO or some new stadium in North York or Mississauga, or who knows, Quebec City, I don't know. Ted and Larry don't care about that though and neither do a lot of other people as unfortunate as that might sound. But the Argos at BMO or another stadium like that is ok with me, if it works.

Asking five hundred bucks for a decent seat in Skydome to watch four down football isn't an attractive offer to me. Once the corporate suits do it once or twice the shine will be off that nickel.

The announced crowd at last night's Jays game was 19000, so you can bet it was more like 14000 actual bums in the seats. You can get a decent Jays seat for fifty bucks.

For an NFL team to prosper in the big smoke there would have to be a new stadium built. I doubt Uncle Ted is prepared to cut a cheque from his own money for that.

Nah, Teddy'll get taxpayers to foot the bill for the new stadium then weasel his way in on the cheap. Remember his comments about the former SkyDome when the Bills in Toronto announcement was first made?

I suspect only about 10 000 torontonians will make the trip to the game and maybe 5 k in other canadians, the rest will come over from Buffalo, but only because they're playing the fins.

Why would people in Toronto care about watching the fins, let alone pay 300 bucks? Except for all the NFL nerds.

Ted made his fortune in government protected monopolies. You and I can't go and start are own cable company, cell phone network, radio station. Greasing the governing party of the land is Ted's real talent. I wonder if the Jays are actually profitable or subsidized by the other jewels on Ted's crown.

I guess it would be like 45 bucks for a beer then eh?..Id Rather spend that and go watch the leafs loose at the ACC :slight_smile:

Guys, I agree with you, I'm not going that's for sure. But this is Toronto's chance to get in the biggest-time league of them all, the NFL. The games have to be packed and they will be I think as enough people want Toronto to get in the biggest league of all. Remember, this isn't baseball, we are talking national TV exposure in the US. That is big and people know it, enough to want to go. This ain't no NHL we're talking here either.

It is being marketed as a once-a-year, not-to-be-missed sporting event of the year. While the majority of ticket buyers will be locals, they'll also come from all over S. Ontario and likely as far away as Kingston and Ottawa. Don't under-estimate the attraction of the NFL brand in Canada, especially for the under-30 crowd. The prices for the boxes haven't even been announced yet but when they are, they'll be snapped up by the corporate buyers.

The organizers are using the fact that there will only be one chance to see the NFL here a year. Supply and demand. Limited supply increases demand (and the willingness of people to pay for it). If people by into the marketing as I think they will, they will come up with the $$ for a ticket. After all, it's just a once-a-year thing.

As much as it bugs me, they will fill every nook and cranny of the Rogers Centre when the Bills come to town. However, I hope that this backfires on the organizers and ultimately serves to keep the NFL out of Canada by allowing the Bills to claim S. Ontario as part of its market.

An Argo-Cat fan

Finally someone gets it, thank you barney. We aren't saying we like this, we are just saying this is most likely what's going to happen, that's all. You will see so much advertising on billboards and that come late July, August etc. you will think the NFL has invaded Toronto like aliens. Rogers and Tanenbaum will easily advertise like nothing you've seen in your life.

Take a gander at the seating chart

Not only are the prices for the BOXES not announced, but the top price of $295 does not include ANY seats between the 20 yard lines, nor ANY of the 200 level seats.

All those prime seats are called 'VIP'. That means that virtually all the decent seats to watch football at the dome aren't even available to the lottery winners.

Ever tried watching football from the 500 level?

Way better for football in the 500 level than baseball. At least I can see a larger football, a tiny white baseball the one time I went to a Jays game in the 500 level, I thought it was a speck of dust, that was when I could actually pick it up the odd time when it was hit in the air.

it not bad I watch the Ticats Play Toronto From up there.

Can see the Plays Develop Nicely

If someone in Southern Ontario wants to see an NFL game, Buffalo is not that far away. There is also a big difference between seeing a game there than at the concrete convertible. Heading down south on a Sunday morning, tailgating, and experiencing a game with eighty thousand fanatics is pretty cool. However, no tailgating and a stuffy suit crowd just isn’t the same. Ted can spend all the marketing dollars he wants, but if the product stinks his target audience will figure it out pretty quick.

Ockham is bang on.
I really doubt the Rogers Centre will deliver anything of the 'NFL Experience'. Three or four beer tents around the perimter of the stadium is probably the extent of the 'tailgating' that will take place.

BYOB, forget it.

I went to last year's International Bowl at the 'Dome, foolishing expecting a tailgate style atmosphere, to go along with the 'experience' of seeing two US college teams face off. The atmosphere at the 'Dome was boring as always.