Titus Ryan waived by Cowboys

.....Heckuva returner....pretty good receiver.....but broke his hand....I think we'll see him back AFTER his hand is healed....Maybe towards the end of this season OR beginning of next....??????? :roll: what da ya think

Depends on how things are going. Beasley looked good in his first game returning kicks and hopefully will continue to do so. By the time Ryan would be available I'm not sure there will be a roster spot for another import receiver. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Ryan is a very good receiver and has all the tools to be a great receiver, i think he will be back when healthy and the staff will figure out a way to have him on the roster. Does anyone know how long his contract is?

Well, he was in his option year, so it must be over after this season.

I say Mack and LaPo should bring Titus back and sign him to a longer contract

.....apparently Ryans agent has contacted the Bombers....stay tuned ????:roll:

Apparently he didn’t need surgery and he posted somewhere recently about the cast being off his thumb.

heres the latest on hefney and titus ryan from ed tait

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Lions-cut-Hefney-loose-102232979.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 32979.html[/url]

little snippet on the bottom talks of ryan.

Take Davis out (cut Davis) and put Ryan in ---- Done

I said by the time Ryan is available. His agent has contacted the Bombers but the earliest he would be available is for the Banjo Bowl which is around the time that TJH might be back. So TJH in, Davis out and Ryan goes where.

Good point blood but if his agent is talking to the Bombers, even though we have the rights for this season to Ryan, that tells me they my be looking ahead and if he is ready to return and they come to an agreement (contract extention) than there will will have to be a way to make room one would have to think or why would they even be negotiating?

Who knows i am not an expert but common sense says if they are negotiating than there must be some place for Ryan.