Titus Ryan signs with Dallas

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Bloody hell! Another one!

Some fantasy football site says he signed a future/reserve contract. I think he'll be back.

Well crap! That's disappointing...

....STARTING TO GET PRETTY THIN OUT THERE GUYS :thdn: .....i hope Mack has some great recruiting skills....cuz we're gonna need em...AND if they ever close that stupid agreement with the nfl we might be able to re-build a team by let's say 2015.....That trade with cal. is looking worse by the day...Now if Arthur doesn't pan-out....hmmmmmm......????I hope Ryan makes it back....he was a damned good receiver and returner if we needed him....Damn nfl.. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess we should start getting ruthless go after the quality guys that have gone down south and have flopped at their gamble....Byron Parker for one ...and Campbell , good receiver ex. of the schmoes ... i think he's available..or Kerry Watkins...This is getting ridiculous...You'd think we won the Grey Cup ,the way that bloody league down south is scalping us..

Better hope Bowman doesn't bolt to the NFL, too. Or that the Als don't ask for him in atrade for MacPherson. Or the shelf will be pretty bare at receiver for the Bombers in 2010.

Getting a little thin for sure,


About all I can think of that have played before ?

I'm starting to think there will be a bidding war for Kerry Watkins. Also at sixth spot in the draft the Bombers likely could have their pick of the top receiver available. Lastly it will be a good test to see if Mack has connections in the US to fill these import roster spots with quality prospects.

...I just hope the N.asty F.riggin L.eague passes on Walls or we'll really be suckin' wind...Who's next////THIS IS BECOMING A JOKE....Maybe Mack has some magic........and Murphy is kept around to give us a few leads...otherwise...it ain't all dismal out there guys....just not looking very promising for 2010...gad....another year of near basement dwelling.. :thdn: talk about futile rebuilding.. :thdn:

Relax papa, you're still in the Eastern Conference remember, which means you won't be anywhere near the bottom what with the Argos there.

Face it, even with one of the most ridiculous offensive packages we've seen in years, the Bombers still didn't finish last in 2009. So far I don't see any improvement by the boatmen, so you've got third place locked up already.

Harsh LOL ! but true...

....a lock on third :lol: ...gee thanx MadJack....i'd hoped the Cats would be in that position...but as is see our talent exiting...i guess we'll be in the cross-over spot again...I hate to get disullisioned so early ....but when you look around the league and see that we are losing guys left right and centre...tied for the most so far and we we'ren't exactly a top-tier team in 09.....hmmmmmmmm..you gotta wonder... :roll:

Don't worry papa, Mack will bring in his old Cleveland Browns teams. :smiley:

....That would be a start...lol lol....Magic Mack....do your thing :thup: :lol:

....on the positive side i would think we have a little cash to make a splash (or ripple) in the free agency market in a few weeks... :thup:

this is getting kinda crazy...

however, Titus is probably just there to be a special teams body.... in fact i think i read that somewhere...

Im hoping we can land Parker and Hefny comes back... And didn't we sign Lenny to a 2+1?

Adarius is locked up for another year before he reaches his option

Kelly Campbell is available through trade.... as is McPherson and im really hoping Watkins reaches free agency so we have a crack at him.... cuz if we want to land McPherson or groom a young guy of our own(Santos), i think we need to get another good gaurd in here and a reciever better then Edwards so that he will be number 2. Watkins and Campbell could fit this role.

Im not overly optimistic about our chances this season

Papa, the agreement with the NFL expired in 2008. The reason the option window is still there is because it is part of the CBA with the players.

From what I understand, Adarius Bowman is entering his option year in 2010 so there is a chance he could get picked up. Lenny Walls is also an option year guy now too. There was a report he had a tryout with Baltimore (I think) but nothing seems to have come from that. Some posters at the Bomber forum think Lenny Walls age and the fact he played in the NFL long enough to bump his salary may keep him from catching on somewhere. That's a possibility.

As for John Murphy, I'm really worried he's being pushed out of the organization. There has been so much crap in the papers lately about his not being part of the plan and it really POs me. I'm hoping it's a case of the media not knowing what they're talking about because they certainly have no clue what that alleged clause in his contract says or if it even exists.

....YES....i realize the CBA holds the key to getting this agreement changed....Doug Brown has stated, in the freep, that the 'option window 'could be in trouble and might not survive the next round of negotiations with the league...I sure as heck hope it changes, before we get skinned again....Maybe already too late to keep guys like Bowman around for a little longer....but i'm sure the Mackster will do everything he can, to keep the talent level high, so as we can field a 'contender'..Here's hoping..

.....i sure like our new gm/vps name.....i'm having all kinds of fun with it.... :lol: :lol: :thup:

The Bombers would likely have to back a truck full of money into Watkins’ yard to convince him to leave Montreal for Winnipeg.

In fact, other than stupid money, what upside would he see?

He’s a starter in either case.

His QB is Cavillo in Montreal or ??? in Winnipeg.

His coach is Trestman in Montreal or ??? in Winnipeg.

Montreal has been to 7 cups in the last decade, winning 2…Winnipeg twice, 0 wins.

Crescent Street on a summer’s night, or the windy corner of Portage and Main?


I think Watkins is going to end up in Hamilton. I'm almost certain.

weren't you almost certain about Milanovich going to Toronto? Wasn't that supposed to happen weeks ago ?? LOL