Title Town Canada?

Wholly political BS,,,, Stay on topic......As for calgary beating out Vancouver... The CBL was a complete joke that never even finished their season.....as for the NLL.... The Memorial Cup outweighs that by a mile,,,,, Same as the triple A world series (several times as many teams compete ) Christ even the USL has more teams then the Lacross...... I'd Put the Calgary NLL championship on line with the woman's league title the Vancouver White caps won.

Title town could be Toronto if the Leafs ever got their act together and finally won a Stanley Cup... but given the way the Leafs are run it could be well into the next century before you the Stanely Cup on display in Toronto(other than in the HHOF)...

City of Champions? Detroit is not in Canada.

Oh, you mean Edmonton, who shamelessly stole the title from Detroit. OK.

My vote is Toronto. Hog Town earned its name because Toronto hogged all the championships. That's a fact.