Title Town Canada?

ESPN did this in the US,so was wondering who is title town Canada?

btw,Valdosta Georgia beat out Green Bay to winn "Title Town",IMO,it's like calling Flint,MI "The Big Apple"
but since the CFL is the only all Canadian league thought this should go here

Well if you really want you could make a poll and see who wins.


It's either Hogtown or The City of Champions.

Toronto. It even has alliteration.

No where in Canada is Title town.. The fact that an American team has won a Grey Cup more recently then a Canadian team has won either a Stanley Cup or World Series speaks volumes to how pathetic Canadian sports teams have been since 1993....
With only Grey Cups to go on since 93.... you could make a good case for Vancouver because like Toronto.... they have 3... However Vancouver has in that time also won the triple A World series (the team left the following season ala Baltimore Stalions.... As well Vancouver has also won the USL Championship as well as the W-league championship.(in the same year no less)

Montreal, while they haven't won a lot more championships than anywhere else, they've hosted many motorsport races, tennis, they had UFC.

I believe Valdosta has a lot of success in lower-level college football. Presumably they've won in other sports as well then.

It's kind of an interesting question when you try to do it "pound-for-pound". In other words, just rank cities based on their success at whatever sports or level they do compete at. But I can't think of one city that is more dominant than another in several sports.

This might the single most stupid thing I've ever read on this site. That first sentence...I had to read over and over again, and it fortified my resolve of how stupid this post was...is. USL? Triple A? Ever heard of the Edmonton Trappers? And what the hell is the "W-League"? And there may be a few people in Riderland who may take acception to your post. Unbelievable...

That's just it. It's not based on Grey and Stanley Cups only, obviously, 'cause I don't recall Valdosta Georgia bringing in many Superbowls. It's based on how well you're doing in whatever sports you're participating in.

Still, it's hard to pinpoint a spot in Canada. Saskatoon won the CJFL, if I recall correctly. Carleton university here (Ottawa) had several CIS basketball championships in a row but haven't been able to seal the deal in football. The Manitoba Bisons took the Vanier Cup. And in terms of CIS hockey...

"...second-seeded Alberta edged defending national champion UNB 3-2 Sunday night..."

Vancouver won the 2007 CIS soccer championship apparently.

So sports success is kind of spread out.

Instead of just rereading the first sentence over and over again...try reading the whole post over and over again..... then maybe you will understand it....
In case you still can't figure it out.... W-league is women's pro soccer... UsL is Men's pro soccer.... and triple A is men's pro baseball.... Re reread the original post....realize your mistake....man up... edit your original post....or even delete....cause you look like a clown

You don't know what I look like...you "sound" like a clown. "Women's" pro soccer?? C'mon. My nieces' little league is more entertaining. And thank you for the "pro baseball" explination...so I reiterate, the Edmonton Trappers. "Man up"? Maybe you should "W-League" up. Then we'll talk...

The choice in Canada for Titletown is quite obvious: GULL LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN!!!!!

I've played soccer for over 20 years and have one a bunch of provincial titles and their our women out there that play soccer that skill and talent wise i can't even hold a candle to and thats not even talking about pro soccer. U should put your money where your mouth is and step on the field with any member of canada's national soccer team (not all of them are pro, so they would totally embarass you) or try to hit off a Edmonton Trapper......

And u say your neices league is more entertaining....then how come a FEMALE soccer game between Canada and Brazil sold out Commenweilth (sp) stadium a couple years back. Basically all i'm really trying ot say is pull your head our of you A$$, the world is a pretty cool place, your missing out

Vancouver Giants have also won a cup.... that settles it Vancouver is titletown until a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup or the Raps or Jays do something big.

Dog River for Title Town. We have the Dog River River Dogs and the Guzzlers

No, not really
American teams in MLB out numbered Canadian team 14-1 when the Jays won and 29-1 now
In the NHL its 4-1 American teams over Canadian teams

When an American team won the Grey cup the ratio was 1.6-1 Canadian teams over American teams, and they were not subject to the same rules

Its far from a fair comaprison

Trends are what they are. Ever heard of Cyndi Lauper..acid wash? Guarantee you, if these chicks were playing if my back yard today, I'd shut the drapes...sorry, BORING.

And if the world was such a "cool place", America wouldn't invade places they have no business being in, Africa would get the help they need, China would have no sniff at the Olympics, Tibet would be free, Russians wouldn't be so litigious...and the Riders wouldn't be in first place...on it goes. Clearly, my head is outta mine...might want to try it.

Your right we're not perfect. What about access to free health care, end of slavery, women's rights, the right to vote, the end of the cold war, the reunification of germany, cures and vaccines to formerly fatal diseases, peacekeeping not war mongering....and i'd rather have the states invade a country they don't have any business in and keep it between two of them than let it escilate to the point where IRAQ teams up with other middle eastern countries and invades Isreal and we have WW3....which no one wants....

okay,so my guess is.......Calgary

they have a stanley cup,Grey Cup,and a championship in NLL and CBL