Proved for the second straight year he can't cover Arcenaux in a big game. He breaks up those long bombs, that's the game.

Both times, he managed to grab Arceneaux's arm in an attempt to pull it away from the ball, but Arceneaux is too strong for that and ended up dragging Tisdale along for a ride. The right play against the wrong player.

Tisdale had perfect coverage on those plays. You can't defend a perfectly thrown pass.

Question: If a guy keeps getting beat long by the same receiver, wouldn’t the safety be told to go help out and shut down that play, force the QB to go elsewhere?

But forcing the QB to go elsewhere means Geroy Simon... in single coverage. I'd rather take my chances with Arceneaux.

I'd like to see him look back a bit more when the receivers eyes get large knowing the ball is about to arrive. Agains't a big receiver he has problems, like most db's, playing physical at that point to break it up.

tcfan, as Blog points out, Marshall picked his poison. It was the "right" one to pick IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


Tisdale can not play corner - he is more suited to play inside. As usual I am amased how other teams find quality talent midseason and we are left shuffeling the deck of the players that are not as talented and well coached as other teams. I hate to say it but this lack luster - unimaginative approach will get our butts kicked by the Ar%^H&^%%$. I don't know what has happened in the locker room but there is something that is preventing this team from taking the next step forward. Either they get out of the funk or there are done like dinner.

Tisdale switched positions because of the injury to Bo Smith. Had Smith not been injured, Tisdale would have stayed inside.

It's very hard to find a starting-quality player in Week 19. What other team has been able to find such a player on such short notice?

Also, the Cats added Stevie Baggs mid-season. I think he's been pretty good.

The thing is...everyone could see this coming. When Bo Smith went down, the team announced that Shivers would be back in and Tisdale would move back to corner. They put a positive spin on it by telling us this was the defensive line up from the beginning of the season. Yes...but we were 1 and 4 and sucked at the beginning of the season. So no surprise then that our secondary sucked again yesterday.


I would rather have Tisdale at DB and take a chance with Hinds and Heyward at CB than having Shivers at DB and playing Tisdale out of position. Our inability to cut down on big plays is killing our D. Shivers is NOT a solution, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


How can the fans see the obvious and the coaches see something entirely different? Is it the square peg in the round hole thing or there inability to guage talent? Whatever the case may be, the problem has existed and they have not fixed it. Does this entire senario sound familar?

Tisdale does get burned at times trying to make the big play at DB...but HE MAKES BIG PLAYS. We need big plays from the back end in the playoffs. For me, you aways reduce your risk in the secondary from the "inside-out" in these scenarios. Having a donut (i.e. a DB that cannot form tackle) is death in this league. Shivers does not make big plays in the volume needed to compensate for his lapses. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,