Tisdale a Tiger-Cat again!

As per Arash Madani on twitter. Draft picks involved.

I've always been a huge fan of Tis so i'm pumped! :rockin:

From Drew Edwards

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/06/ticats-re-acquire-db-geoff-tisdale-in-trade-with-stamps.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... tamps.html[/url]

[b]The Ticats have acquired defensive back Geoff Tisdale from Calgary in exchange for a third round draft pick.

Tisdale spent three seasons with the Ticats from 2008 to 2010 before signing with the Stampeders as a free agent before the 2011 campaign. The 26-year-old has collected 165 tackles and 15 interceptions in his four-year CFL career.

Tisdale can play both corner and halfback and is considered an excellent man-to-man defender who should fit nicely into new defensive coordinator Casey Creehan's pressure scheme.[/b]

3rd round 2013 draft

Way to go Obie!!

With all the players from this year's draft that should be coming to camp next season, that's a pick we could definitely afford to give up.

Also, we still have a 3rd round pick next year from the Arland Bruce trade.

After we win the Grey Cup this year , it will be a late 3rd rounder for Calgary

I am suddenly a lot more confident in our secondary. Nice move, Obie. Never understood how we let him go in the first place.

Welcome back, Geoff!! It is great to here that you are a Ticat again.

What a treat it will be to have you back in the ticats secondary again

Your excellent cover skills and CFL experience are sorely needed.

Hopefully, the coaching staff can settle on who the right people are
for the other DB spots early this season and develop some chemistry.

He was a free agent and opted to leave. Nothing the team could really do if Calgary offered more money or if he wanted to go there. But this is excellent news! Upgrades the secondary immediately.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :wink:

Welcome back to the Hammer, Geoff. Glad to have you back.

You both appear to have misunderstood the deal. It involves draft picks, not next year, but in 2014. The Cats get Tisdale and Calgary's 6th round pick in '14. The Stamps get Hamiton's 3rd round pick in '14.

Here's a video, from early last season that gives you a good feel for the man (Tisdale):


Yea that was before it was announced that the picks were in 2014

Great player. Great move. :thup:

I'm not sure I understand this trade from Calgary's perspective unless Tisdale was more or less expendable. I mean how much value is there to move up from a 6th round pick to a 3rd round pick in the 2014 Canadian draft?

Tisdale is just reaching his prime as far as his age goes, and has been a starting DB for a few years.

Hopefully this will help to improve our secondary which has not been good. OB, any chance we can lure Chris Thompson back from Edmonton for a draft pick? One can only wish.


Wow, this is great news! Great move by Obie. Once Hinds is healthy we will have two solid corners. I love the way Tisdale plays, great cover guy.

On paper, great trade for Hamilton, but like pjones, I'm puzzled as to why Calgary makes this deal. It can't be just about moving up in the 2014 draft. Either they truly view Tisdale as expendable, which would be odd because he's always been a solid cover corner, or there is some locker-room / character issue that forced them to trade him for very little.

From what I heard they still need to unload $$$ in cow town ala Rambo's release and the Tisdale trade.

No way this is a cap issue. This is how I see it. Tisdale got beat out of a starter spot so Huff is giving the index to Jones by helping out the Tiger-Cats.

If you read the Calgary papers, they were mentioning that Tisdale's job was in jeopardy.

If you sign a pretty decent CFL contract, you'd better be that much better than the rest. If not...

This reminds me a little of the Bruce trade where it appears not much is going back the other way, and that's because the team that is dealing him is fairly deep in that position and they become expendable.

Just as BC needed Bruce where Hamilton did not, the same can be said for Tisdale moving form Calgary back to Hamilton. Hamilton needs DBs.

Nothing new here. This is typical CFL roster shuffling.

I'm not convinced he's a great player. Didn't think that when he was here, and with Calgary being so willing to get rid of him, after only one season, for virtually nothing, after signing him as a FA reinforces my perception.

We just seem a little desperate in the defensive backfield right now. There is gonna be a lot of pressure on the front four.

Hope he proves me wrong!

I am not into speculation but for the sake of argument
let me dip my toe into the world of speculation for a minute.

Has anybody done any research to put this trade into context?

There were two players involved in this trade

It may not be about Geoff at all. It may be about Fred Bennett's situation.

Calgary had a choice between keeping Geoff with his CFL veteran's contract

or signing Fred Bennett a 29 years old who started as cornerback in the NFL
as a rookie back in 2007 who bounced around the NFL for 3 or 4 years

Some may say that Geoff Tisdale's skills were inferior to Fred's
and Geoff was simply beat out for the cornerback position

others may say that Geoff's skill set was as good as Fred's

but Fred was willing to play for for a lot less money

because he misses football since he didn't play last year,

My pure guess about why he was traded to Hamilton
for a dirty jock stap and a dozen oranges is the latter.

Until John Hufnagel explains things differently that's my opinion.

Of course, with my opinion and/or anybody else's opinion
you still need a buck and 1/2 to buy a small Tim Horton's coffee.