'Tis time to pay penance

Je suis moins enthousiaste au sujet de Messam.

Il n'a pas "mal" joué, mais il demeure un demi avec qui une attaque a moins de possibilités qu'avec un demi comme Whitaker ou comme Sutton semble être.

Pour faire en sorte que Messam puisse gagner du terrain, la ligne offensive doit être capable d'ouvrir des trous gigantesques et pouvoir bloquer pour Messam à la deuxième ligne de placage. Messam n'ayant pas beaucoup d'accélération, il ne profitera pas aussi facilement d'ouvertures instantanées et ne gagnera pas autant de terrain. C'est un gars qui court en puissance lorsqu'il est à plein régime, mais on ne doit pas s'attendre de lui à ce qu'il transforme souvent un court gain en un gain très bonifié.

Messam a mieux bloqué cette saison que par le passé, mais je persiste à penser que l'attaque au sol est plus efficace avec un demi plus furetif.

He won't beat that record and that's a good thing IMO. That record belongs to players who play on awful teams.

C'est pas mal ce qu'ont été les Alouettes cette saison...

2 parties de suite avec 13 ou 14 plaqués, ça voudrait dire que les Alouettes se sont faits rentrer dedans pas à moitié!

Effectivement, souhaitons-nous qu'il ne batte pas ce record.

If we don't turn the ball over and the offense puts up at least 20 points, we have a chance to win any game we play IMO.

20 offensive points? In the CFL? I dunno about that, Discipline. It's possible if the offence can also pile up the time of possession, but I agree with Popp when he says 30 points is the standard.

30 point average scored per game is pretty much considered "excellence" in the CFL over a season.

I don't think we're in disagreement at all, actually. Thirty points is what you strive for as an offense game after game. The reality is that you're not going to hit 30 points every game. What I'm saying is: with the caliber of our defense, we have a chance (not a guarantee) to win a game in which the offense can account for 20 points and the team doesn't turn the ball over. Will we win all those games? No. Is it desirable to win games on the back of your D all the time? No. But the situation this year is what it is. Next season, my expectations will be a bit higher, but right now, the goal on offense is to grow, avoid the big mistake, and give us a clearer idea of whether Troy Smith can be "the man" going forward. We'd all like to have our old high-powered Als offense scoring 30+ points all season long, but that offense no longer exists. Trestman and Milanovich are gone; Calvillo is at the end of his career; Whitaker, Richardson, Flory, and Woodruff are on the shelf; London has had an abominable year; we fired our HC 5 games in and demoted our OC; we've started four different QBs this season. So we play the cards we've been dealt.

Contrast with a team like Winnipeg with an offense about as bad as ours but without even a stout defense to rely on...

Anything below 500 and your struggling or wildly inconsistent, 500+ point season is firing on all cylinders and consistent, around 600 point season your talking about memorable offense that comes once ever decade or so.

It's why I'm loathe to give Campbell too much credit for Calgary's D. Must be a$$-easy to be a good defense when your offense can put a broom under center and still post up 30 points. I'd like to see how Calgary's D would fare if they had our offense, for example...

....and just wait. Charleston Hughes will likely be voted Outstanding Defensive Player....

....and just wait. Charleston Hughes will likely be voted Outstanding Defensive Player....

Vercheval with a nice piece on what we did right last week, and what we have to continue to do this week: http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/op ... n-1.676652