Tired of sloppy play

Granted, the MGB receiving corp is enormaously talented. But I'm fed up with watching a hard-working team being let down by these guys. Reciever is the most simple position - you run a sharp route annd catch the ball. In every one of the losses this year the receivers ran lazy, sloppy routes. In all of the wins those same guys ran sharp routes. I don't think there is any coincidence here.

Yes, Charlie cost the MGBs big time. Kevin Glenn has also had his share of criticism. But you can't blame Kevin when his receivers are nowhere near their assigned spots on the field. What does it say about the work ethic of this bunch when the Canadian receivers on other teams are more reliable than "the talent" from the south. Apparently these guys think that playing pro football is just a lark. Too bad the team has to pay these clowns to play out the string this year. I would sooner have Canadian kids with half the talent than the current batch of lazy dullards.

Good post, the o-line hasn't exactly held up their end of the bargain either this season, the protection has broken down far too often. This is a lazy team, the switch is either on or off and since locking up the playoff spot, it's going to be off for most of the way now. Guys are just trying to avoid injury which isn't going to win you many football games playing that way. They are just a reflection of their coach, who subscribes to the country club mentality he learned under the Don.

....why are the Als. not sitting AC and a few of their other regs.....seems they're still playing like the first game of the season while we are contemplating the also-ran position....There's something wrong here...Different philosophys i agree....but when you pull your first string qb. for no other reason than he's stinking the joint out....i say we have some deep problems...With nothing on the line you'd think Glenn would have liked to have gone to the bench with at least a 20 yd. completion and then turn the controls over to the back-ups....He looked bloody terrible...BUT no surprise...we've known for quite awhile we are playing with a no.2 guy charading as a starter..now we'll pay the piper...As for the rest of the guys....I would say (other than Bean...he should be gone) that they are going as our qb. goes...No inspiration from a so-called leader will definitely affect a team and lead them to......welll.... what we're seeing today... :roll:

....p.s. sorry bout the horsing stomping guys....i got suckered on a bet :lol: