tired of "move Renegades to Quebec" movement

I am so tired of these comments to move the renegades to Quebec. Was it 3 years ago that the Allouettes played an exibition game against the Gades in Quebec City? I was there. They didn't sell out. We were like 9 000. My mother lives in QC City. She has season tickets to the University team. Sure they get 16 000 people. 12 000 of them are university students who pay 5$ to get in. (My mother's tickets are on the 45 yard line and only cost 25$.) These students have been tail-gaiting since 9 AM and half of them do not know a first down from a fumble. They are there to party and hang-out with their friends. 5 000 of them stand on a track around the field. Only the first two lines can see the game. The rest just kind mill about socializing. The stadium has almost no amenities. It's on a campus with all the trouble that causes to renovate and modifiy... Ask the Allouettes!
You also have to remember they have loss all of two home games in the last 5 years. It's easy to get excited about a winner. Qc City students are not football fans. They are Rouge and Or fans... The CFL would not work in QC City! I Know I am from there...
LONG LIVE the Renegades in Ottawa!

I agree, enough of this relocation talk, let's try and make the Gades work in Ottawa, for pete's sake!

we want to see the gades work in ottawa....were just lookin at the signs...and they are not good....so were simply discussing...'if they HAD to move, how to make them successful in QC'.

everyone would like to see them work in ottawa...but if they don't, we want them to work in QC, rather than fold completely.

and if what u say is correct about laval...then maybe the key is not PEPS stadium....maybe its a temp at PEPS, and build a new stadium on thier own....who knows.

i just want this franshise to stay afloat.

Here! Here! Lets support the Gades in Ottawa. Halifax will be host to the next CFL team!

Newbee, that was a great analysis and well stated argument.

Good posting newbee and being from the area certainly you would have more knowledge then the rest of us non residents. However and without question football in Quebec is numero one in our country. The popularity or some part can be attributed to the Als and their return in the 90's. You don't think the rivalry similar to the Nords vs Habs would not work for a potential team?
I ditto the sentiments how all CFL fans want Ottawa to work and flourish. But, ultimately it will be the buying(or non buying) fans of Ottawa who will ultimately decide the fate of the team. Long live the Gades.

Theres no way to measure what city is "numero one" for football.