Tired of Higgins excuses and passing the buck

Reading the column by Leblanc today and a few others. It is clear that Higgins is in survival mode. The stuff he's serving is absolute Horse manure. Using Crompton's injury as an excuse for example is pure comedy. Crompton put on the worst performance of any QB in the league so far this season before he was finally put out of his misery. Suggesting that Schonert's assistants have played a big part in that offense is equally ridiculous. What does that have to do with the eternity getting his plays to the QB and mismanaging the clock ?

Looks like another couple of weeks before his weak arz gets sent packing. at 2-7 even the owner and the GM will no longer be able to stomach it.

Eric Deslauriers. Shut the fruck up ! You haven't played a down this season and hold the record for most dropped passes in the organization history. Since they aren't paying you to play or drop passes right now, you probably shilling for Schonert is going to let you cash a few more paychecks. You have zero credibility in defending Schonert who you haven't played a down for this season.

Higgins using the lack of speed of receivers, Michael Sam, Crompton's injury, poor execution by players, poor protection by the offensive line.
Stop, just Stop. You haven't even been able to make your team competitive at home ! So quit ! Please quit !

Sadly the Als will have to clean house in a few weeks or after the season anyway.

Eat this Higgins: http://www.rds.ca/videos/football/les-a ... -3.1142282

[i]Johnny loves this quote from Heppell:

"Turk Schonert, lui là, il faut qu'il se réveille…"[/i]

Tom Higgins, Corporate Head Coach. :thdn:

It's always someone else's fault, never the man supposedly in charge of the team...

With the Alouettes dysfunction lately, coming on here is the equivalent of someone knowing he has an ugly wife who cant cook, and yet going to the bar every night knowing his friends are going to tell him he has an ugly wife who cant cook.

Is there a sports equivalent of Ashley Madison? Can I cheat on the Als?

^ The 1950s called, they want you back. :roll:

Love how you pick and choose your political correctness. Lack of humor another of your weaknesses I guess. Keep hammering away at everyone and everything!

[i]YEAH! Suck on that old man! :cowboy:

3 former Als players, all 3 have Grey Cup rings, one is in the HOF. They tore Higgins and Schonert a new a-hole! They told it like it is![/i]


Sheldon making some "old school" humour. And very funny! Channeling some Don Rickles, maybe some Rodney Dangerfield there buddy?!

Anyway, too much PC sucks! Way to go Sheldon :thup: [/i]

Come on guys. Save that hostility for Bobo and his pals on the Ticat forum! :cowboy:

You're an idiotic old man whose offensive attitude to women reflects his total irrelevance to where the civilized world is at in 2015.

First of all my remark was humor that obviously went over your little head. You have no idea how I treat the women in my life.

But in your civilized world it was OK to say "F the Cops", and to call the owner of the team that you spend all your time posting on a "senile old coot." Kind of hypocritical I`d say.

I suggest you put me on your ever growing foe list .