Tired of hearing of surface problems and surface ways to fix

There is something seriously wrong with this franchise. Almost everyone on this site is quick to point fingers at the quarterback, or coach or offensive plays or pentalties or the cost of beer. BUT all of these issues have been around for close to 5 years regardless who was on the field, sidelines or front office. We have been through many different coaching staff, management and have lost count of players. Before Maas it was McManus, before Taffe it was Marshall and the team has produced the same half butted effort (if we are lucky every game). pentalties were a problem before Taffe was here, we would not run the ball (even though it worked) before Lumsden. We refused to us=tilize proven players (Holmes, Vaughn, Flick). The offense could never score and the defence could never make the big play when needed (ummm third and 10). And of course the beer has always been overpriced.
So what is the root of this teams problem....the only constant has the been our fans and our owner - now do not get me wrong. I am by no ways blaming Bob Young....He had done a tremendous amount of work for this franchise and has made it the top of the league outside the product on the field. he has done his job and then some. So I ask....what is the root of this problem???????????

The problem is with the quarterbacks. McManus was a great QB but The Cats left him in too long and failed to use his skills to develop a new young QB. When they finally realized McManus was no longer a starting-quality QB and they had not developed a new QB, they traded for a first-rate second stringer that turned out to be injured. Again rather than realize what they had done, they stuck with him just like they stuck too long with McManus. As a result the organization kept losing they kept trading away perfectly good players who were made to look bad through no fault of their own. Now we have a team full of rookies who are good and have a great future but a QB who still can't get the job done. And coaches who are too headstrong to admit they screwed up. And we continue not to develop a young QB.

sorry but the qb is not the one taking all the bad pentalties......holding, procedure, offsides, etc. Nor is he the one not making the much needed defensive plays..