Tired of "Crazy Pete"

Ok, e honest out there...is anyone else tired of this Crazy Pete??? I have and will always respect "Crazy George" I mean face facts this guy, Crazy George, showed up and from start to finish, win or lose, was going all out every break of the game and new how to get a crowd going.

Now this guy "Crazy Pete" how about come up with something original. And why do I see this Crazy George wanna be wondering around most of the time, yelling "Come On" and pumping his fist, if you wanna be like Crazy George and you know you do, then beat the damn drum, except when the offence is on the field, which you have been booed a few times for in our section.

I can not be the only one out there that is tired of this guy, and I'd love to here everyones thoughts...and before you go off, Im not against the fans, and the fanatics, hell Section 10 is filled with them, we are the Official Fan Zone of the BC LIONS. But sorry Crazy P, there is only room for the Original Crazy george in our section.


Before the Edmonton game crazy P jumped up and bumped chests with Bobby Singh when he wasn't expexting it and almost took Singh out. He needs to realize that no matter how bad he want's it, he is not a B.C. Lion. He is a glorified cheer leader.

i'm happy that there is someone like him getting the people involved in the games...is he the maskot or is leo??? leo seems to be just walking around and not doing much, he use to be much more involved??? anyhow, i am indifferent with crazy pete...

Crazy Pete? Where's the Crazy part? Crazy George was a a hoot, and not only did he know how to get the crowd going, but he looked the part, and he got into the stands and concourse as well.

Crazy Pete...isn't.

Okay, I guess I'm not paying attention. Who is Crazy Pete? Not the skinny guy that meaneders around the field with a drum that you can't really hear? If thats who it is, then...yawn?

Kinda miss ol' Crazy George now that you mention it. BBBBOOM BC! BBBBOOM BC!

I would rather get a new annoucer. The annoucer at the game isnt that cool. I would be more pumped up at the game if they had a height man like flava flav, fat man scoop, funkmaster flex. Like the guy from those molson canadian ads was at the grey cup game last year. He was pretty good but he should have said more when he had the mic.

No, you want someone people can understand.

Is it 'Crazy Pete' or is it 'Crazy RE-Pete', do something different...

Your's truly The Section 10 Yeller!!!!

you got to admit though, that it gets some of the fans yelling when they wouldn't be otherwise (those damn fair-weather fans!!!). What the club is trying to do is create a fun atmosphere for families. I remember 4,5 seasons ago, when only about 15,000 came to the games. The bronze section was ALWAYS rockin' because people get boozed up and crazy. THAT was fun. What they need to do is bring back that BUD Zone!!!!

Bring back Pam Anderson for the Blue Zone!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Crazy P is awesome he gets the crowd pumped but he should help the crowd shut the hell up when the lions have the ball

No kidding, but remember these are most likely new fans and they'll learn eventually. We don't want to scare off new fans.

Other than that as a 22 year old who's been attending since about 88, i was born the year BC place was built. Crazy P needs to ditch the backwards cap. You can't wear glasses and a backwards cap, its very very hurtin'. He looks like such a try-hard. Someone please get rid of this guy i never ever want to see him at a lions game again.

Crazy P is more distracting than a guy to cheer on your favorite team, no? I think he gets kinda annoying, sometimes looks like he's gonna need a new drum and drum stick every game by how pumped he looks lol. But he sure can get a crowd going! Go Bc Lions!

Crazy Pete can be annoying... And I totally agree with the person that said we need someone to tell the crowd to shut up on offense! Now THATS annoying!

yeah i know

He sucks. He looks like some guy from Kitsilano that should be at a coffee bar sipping a latte. He makes me puke when he does his little head nod and then points his drum stick in a sweeping motion towards the crowd. The guy is so CFL bush league. I guess the Lions had money in their budget to hire an out of work actor...

it was good that the felions were telling the crowd to be quiet.

your right CP has got to go the banging the drum is so 70's its been done all over the CFL give it up already. Im a true green and gold fan but Lions are my next choice since i do live here. Is their any room on the Lions bandwagon for 1 more fan?

Dump Crazy Pete and bring Stray Cat back!!!