Tired of CFL officials

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You try to avoid the whining yet here you are whining about the whining.

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Once again same bs. That was exactly what they called earlier in the game. I hate these freaking goofball refs.

I hate goofball posters who cant allow refs to make human mistakes, like refs in any other league, without calling them every insulting name their puny little minds can think of.

I hate goofball posters who just post to provoke a reaction from others as a way of "getting even" with people who slam the refs. :wink:

I said it once man, I'll say it again; just because some people blindly hate on the refs, that doesn't mean you should blindly defend the refs on just about every occasion. In the end, all it does is make you look like a troll. I get why you're upset, but seriously, this is not the way to go about it.

except I dont blindly defend the refs, ever. I have never said they were perfect. I have never said they didnt make mistakes. I have never said they didnt deserve the "occasional" respectfull criticism. I have recognized a number of mistakes in just the last two weekends, but not deserving of insults. We do not have the WORST refs. Our refs are not bad people. I see just as many mistakes per game in the NFL. Only thing that might be different is the guys in the booth might have instructions not to talk about them much.

Far too many posters have too wide an interpretation of what is a troll. I will not back down

You are right about them not being bad people. I never said that. But on too many occasions they do not do their job on a level that is expected of a professional. A mechanic can be a good person, but if he doesn't do his job properly, he is still a bad mechanic. If they call a tight game, or let everything go, that is fine. However, there are too many instances that I have seen this year where they make a certain call at one point in the game and ignore it at a later point. My whole rant, and yes I admit it is a rant, has been about the lack of consistency. I have been involved in football for over 35 years and know full we'll how coaches, players and refs blow their assignments on occasion. We are all human. If it becomes habitual, then there is a problem. Players get cut, fined or suspended. Coaches get fired. What consequences do the refs have? I have not heard of any ref being reprimanded for doing a crappy job, except perhaps not being allowed to ref the Grey Cup. If these misses were made by an atom level ref then it could be passed off as inexperience, but these guys are supposed to be the best. I think there are better. Rant ended.

i dont mind refs making borderline calls, it happens in every sport, i dont like it tho when it seems to take momentum away from teams, there are lots of times when iffy penalties are made at the worst possible times, in all sports tho really

id rather the refs put the whistles away at times and just let them play

will say tho, if you call it on one team, call it on the other team too cuz there does seem to be some i wouldnt say favortism but definitely some questionablle calls at times,

umpires in baseball have different strike zones, officials in hockey have different interpretations of hits from behind, cfl officials are the same, it does make for some silly calls tho...

the problem isnt the calls tho, its the consistency of the calls cuz one week... you get one ref who likes to call pass interference lets say, next week you get a different ref who maybe likes to call holding or offsides instead

they need to work on consistency, if the same calls were made week in week out, i wouldnt have a problem but it seems like... heck not even week to week, game to game... cuz i watch some games and what gets called in some games dont get called in others, thats the problem.. no consistency game to game week to week..

fix that.. if you call something one game, call it the next game too. be consistent.

also if u call a penalty on a guy.. can you at least get the guys number right cuz lots of times they say.. holding winnipeg 94 and winnipeg doesnt have a 94 or they do and he's not even on the field.

You mean like what you do to MRX and its employees?

I have to agree with you there

One was fired 2 years ago after the worst call in the history of the league in a game between Montreal and Wpg

I have said for the last few years that the refereeing was improving. Really it was. I saw more good calls even on bang bang plays that were tough to tell what happened than missed calls.

This weekends games were horrifying. If they grade those crews for performance they won't make it to the playoffs. So many bad calls its almost like it was with intent.

What is needed is to be able to call those penalties on a video review. If it makes your officials look bad then they need to step up their game.

The last thing they need is video review involved. Aside from the fact video review makes a higher percentage of mistakes than the guys on the field, getting them involved in penalties would slow the game to a crawl. Games are already up to the 3 hour mark and you can add 30-60 minutes if you get video review to penalty calls.

Get rid of the video review and make the on field guys full time.

The inconsistency of calls is one of my pet peeves, especially on holding and pass interference. That said, I realize there are a number of reasons for the apparent inconsistency.

First, the angle and distance on each play is different. We may see what appears to be the same thing on two plays, but the official, seeing it from different angles and distance and possibly obstructed by other players, may or may not see the contact or hold. For example, the two "horsecollar" plays in the Hamilton-BC game. On the first one, the referee had a clear view of the QB's back, saw the Hamilton player's hand at the collar and the collar pulled down, and called the penalty. On the non-call, which to us viewers looked like an obvious horsecollar, the BC player was further downfield, and had a number of players from both teams chasing him. So the referee may not have had a clear view of the infraction. And he can't call what he doesn't see.

Second, different officials call plays differently. This affects pass interference calls in particular, where there are three or four officials making calls across the field. So even if two officials saw the same thing happen on two plays from exactly the same angle and distance, they still might make different calls.

I would still like to see better consistency in calls, but I can understand how difficult that is. And I am glad to hear that officials are required to justify their calls, and hopefully that process makes them better.

I doubt it would add an hour but I think it takes ownership away from the on field crew and would be a mistake. They just need to simplify the rule book, there is way too much subjective language as it is. For example the out of bounds and return in play is one of those. The hits to the head is another, get ride of that point of contact aspect. Every time they add wiggle room to a rule , the players will get coached on how to go around it. You touch the QB's head at any point behind the line of scrimmage and its an automatic ejection, fine and an a one game suspension. There are many other rules I would like to see changed, like the QB throwing it out of bounds to cheat a sack. Touching receivers while in coverage. All the language around those rules need to be cleared up.

They need to make things cleaner to help the officials IMO.

I agree and that's where they need to clean up the "language" in the rule book. The league wants it cake and eat it too and the officials are caught in the middle.

Adding an hour isn't out of the realm of possibility in games with a lot of penalties. Do you review all penalties, or only challenged ones? What about non-calls, can you challenge that? Inside three minutes virtually every play would be reviewed if they were looking for non-calls.

On top of that a lot of penalties are judgement calls in the end. IMO it undermines the on-field officials to have subjective calls being second guessed.

Making the rules simpler is the key. This is not figure skating. I don't want "subjectivity".

Good lord, another “refs suck” thread. My two cents…

  1. The view from ten feet away is remarkably different than what the camera shows. There are many things that can ONLY be seen at field level, especially when it comes to PI. And, with PI, like most penalties, there must be clear evidence of a distinct advantage gained…that’s why if the receiver and DB want to paw each other all the way down the field there’s no call because no advantage was gained. That’s the refs “letting them play” as some fans so often like to scream.

  2. Glen Suitor, like most ex and current players and coaches, have only a vague understanding of the rules, if that. As well, they’re trained to blame officials for many of their own mistakes…it’s just easier than accepting responsibility for their own actions.

  3. Officials aren’t perfect but given they have to assess three to four player encounters every play they get it right an extraordinary percentage of the time. The game is faster than you can imagine at field level and they are very harshly evaluated EVERY week. Officials don’t miss blocks. Officials don’t drop balls. Officials don’t call/design stupid plays that will never work…players and coaches do.

  4. CFL officials, like almost all officials in all sports are poorly paid…none of them are doing it to get rich. In fact, CFL officials who are lawyers or business owners lose money every time they travel to do a game…not to mention the constant juggling of shifts and vacation time most have to go through to be on the field.

  1. Bull. If that statement were true they would not have video review because it couldn't show any angle or view that was better than the official had. As for PI, the call most are complaining about early against Edmonton was a phantom call. Replay showed nothing happened and the official called what he thought happened.

  2. Bull. Players are not trained to blame officials. Some players do, but most don't. You have a link to anything about this "training"? I won't hold my breathe.

  3. I assume you're a former CFL official since you know how they are evaluated. Harshly? Hardly. Evaluated yes, but that is an absolutely useless system because they are only part time employees. Very nice to tell them what they did right and what they did wrong, but when do they get a chance to work on their flaws? When can they discuss them with other officials? Players practice between games, officials have day jobs and don't get back to officiating until the next weeks games. Part of the reason CFL officiating is so horrible is they work in a system that is broken and no one cares to fix.

  4. True/Absolute Bull. They don't make a lot of money, but if you believe they lose money doing this you're incredibly naive or just prone to hyperbole.

Good lord, another "I must come to the defense of the poor officials" post. :roll:

Hey FYB i think this guy is really frustrated I cant really blame him Of all the teams this year I think the Eskimos have been screwed the most by bad call or no calls at the top of my head I can think of 3 times they were robbed by the officials if those calls are made there season looks alot different then it does now. For an example in yesterdays game the two PI calls against Edmonton that resulted in a TD’s for Calgary and in the non call on a pick play by Calgary, and then the non call for a PI against Calgary at the end of the game.
I’m getting a little Peed off as well to the point if the reffing does not improve I will stop watching as I cant stand the inconsistency.

I have always maintained that a coach should be able to challenge one penalty call a game... and the PI early in the game yesterday was a good candidate for that... you don't need to add to the number of challenges per game.