... tired of all the complaining by fans in '08?

I don't know about most of you but this year has got to be the worst year for the Ticat Forum.
There is so much wining and complaing I'd think most of you were trained by Maple Leaf fans.

Folks, It's one thing to share opinions but some of the stuff in the forum right now is horrible. Most speak with minimal knowledge, except for being great arm chair Qb's / arm chair owners and arm chair GM's.

Stay focused......I tell ya, things are going in the right direction.....but it takes time.

Onward to victory!



It can be both fun and funny!

More like dumb and dumber.

Sorry, but doesn't telling everyone"that things are going in the right direction but it takes times" kinda sorta make you an "arm chair owner/gm"?

For Christ's sake...what on Earth do you expect with the disastrous football and managerial ineptitude we've see over the past 4 1/2 seasons?

This team has gone 14-50 since 2005, a .219 winning percentage.

In fact, all things considered, this forum isn't all that negative considering the dearth of positives with this hapless franchise.

And the "minimal knowledge" thing of which you speak? Too easy...not going there.

The only thing dumber is those who complain and whine about complaining and whinning fans. Oh the irony.

I find the complaining fans to be pretty funny, the only thing i don't like is those who complain constantly about complaining fans.

Well that let's me off the hook.

The fans were right to complain in 08.
It was obvious to just about every fan what was wrong and now a change has been made.
There are a lot of astute fans on this forum who have been right on the mark with their criticism of the way this team has been run.
This forum has generally reflected the reality of this team. And that's a good thing. Bad team = heavy criticism.
And...who knows about Bellefeuille? He may end up being a very good HC. Stranger things have happened.
Now its my turn to say "give him time". By the end of the regular season we should know whether he, or someone else will lead this team next season.

if we cant complain on here or whine here where do u suggest we do it ? in the comfort of our homes while we are not at the patheticness that some would call a ti cat game ... i have decided to stop calling it a game ... i would call it a full contact practice for the other team that we play but im sure their practices are more intense then some of these displays are

and min knowledge .... i think many of the people sitting in the stands know more then u think about football... i know some high schoolers that sure as hell can play better ... and have a better understanding of TEAMWORK then the pros

This team attracts whining and complaints like a magnet. Suggestion: they don't like it? win some games!!!! Really, they're here to do only one thing, win football games and from where I stand, they haven't been doing that nearly enough. Heck, they aren't even entertaining.

An Argo-Cat fan

kaiesmom, I suppose you're right... if you can't complain here then where can you? I guess you could do it in the privacy of your own home, but that wouldn't be nearly so much fun. Some people seem to go overboard though, having some rather virulent virtual temper tantrums in the forum. Maybe in fact they should do it in their own homes, or better yet, be sent to their rooms. But hey, if it helps them get through the day to libel and insult people in public, so be it.

I can't agree with you though about the part where you say high school teams play better. That's stretching things a bit, don't you think?

What really galls me (apart from the rude personal attacks some people make here), are the public announcements that people feel the need to make that they won't support the team any more, or won't go to any more games, or are resigning from the site, etc. If they really mean it (and some do no doubt), they'll just do it without the bother of letting the world know, as if the world cares. The club is much more concerned about empty seats than about empty threats.