Tips for Charlie: How to answer a cell phone call

Right you are!!! AND FYI on Thursday @ 3:30pm I gave notice on my job! Coincidence! :wink:

I had a contract that was renewed every year at the first of the year! I hadn’t agreed to it yet! I was approached by another firm. I didn’t actively pursue it! 27 years in the same job!

I mentioned it to my employer…gave them the opportunity to respond!

I didn’t pussyfoot around and deny that I had looked at it!

What part of “he has to think it over… sleep on it” did you miss when this all started on Thursday last!

Rick Zamporin confirmed that Charlie went for an interview! HE WAS UNDER CONTRACT! There is the problem! He could have been “upfront about it”!


Even if it were to collect information (his take with Rick during their interview at the press conference), being on WVU campus in an office with PDA/clipboard/slate/rolled-up sleeve ready to jot down the details of next plum assignment, that should have been number TWO in the FIRST PRESS release released by Obie Thursday, along with "I had a friendly convo with Bill and...."

Meandering onto campuses for such reconnaissance may be more of a Dan Rambo-like mission than Rambo-of-the-giant-screen, but still...people with functioning sight ARE going to talk.

The WVU campus data-finding kumbaya was never owned up to until much later and the fact Peters, Zamperin and other CFL-related media were ducked by Charlie when the reports began to "leak" (which isn't what I would characterize it as): those two things are problematic for me. Still.

Oski Wee Wee,

So Rick Zamperin is a creditable source on this story. eh?

He is the reporter who stirred up
this mass confusion locally.

He took a story that Charlie
had left the Tiger Cats

from a WVU fan booster site
as gospel and put it on CHML.

Charlie contacted his boss
right away, like you did woody,

and said that he WAS CONSIDERING
a POSSIBLE JOB opportunity that
had some attraction to him.

what person in his right mind
would contact the media

and say 'I am CONSIDERING
a POSSIBLE JOB opportunity.'

and end up getting calls and
answering questions all weekend

from newspaper, radio and TV reporters?

He left Scott and Obie to explain
and unfortunately there was really
nothing else either of them could say.

Kent Austin did the same thing
with hid G.M Eric Tillman.

The difference was Ole Miss asked Eric
for an official interview with Kent.

Both organisations deny that requests
were made to interview Charlie.

He and his family were investigating
one of his son's university choices,
Pennsylvania, on the the weekend.


Speculate all you want about official offers.

Give the man the benefit of the doubt!!

Listen Charlie's explanation on Ticats TV.

It is straight-forward account
of what happened this weekend.

It has none of the slickness of
the last written press release.

I did.

I don't buy that if one can completely ignore the local media in their direct inquiries for a response when the Taaffe-to-Morgantown story broke that one cannot directly speak to ONE media outlet on the record about the situation and set the record straight, then put the rest of the wolves ON HOLD FOR X TIMES 24 HOURS (X representing the number of days you would choose to embargo the scribes). Sorry.

Exclusive interviews are given ALL the time, a la Roger Clemens recently on 60 Minutes. He should have spoken to Zamperin, Peters, or ideally Steve Milton to torpedo the fricken "hired by WVU" story. Dead in the Friday midday water. The end.

Or am I wrong and call display/mute functions can't be deftly handled like that by a grown adult able to put a phone book-sized playbook together? Please.

In the process, had he worked out a timeframe with the Cats to consider the West Virginia offer some more in advance, he could have told a competent reporter like Milton, Allan Maki, or Stephen Brunt (as examples) that he would be taking another day or two to weigh things in his head, keeping the Cats in the loop throughout.

The WV reporter who blew the story (and CHML for that matter) would then be on the defensive, unless there was more to this. would be waist-deep in speculation as opposed to handing out snorkels, but I digress.

Press releases be damned. You get on the record yourself, tell the truth about what's going on ONCE on the record, and bleh-da-bleh-a THAT'S ALL FOLKS until the decision is made.

Oski Wee Wee,

All that being stated, Charlie has apologized to Ticat Nation for the irregularities in how this morass was handled. I accept his comments, sincerely given I believe.

I do reserve the right to raise a Spockian eyebrow. LOL

He is entered into the draw for a vat of Metamucil in the black and gold jar...Metamucil, oh for things to be regular again! (TM)

Please, no more of this cacapoopoo until Earl Grey's bauble is paraded down Main Street in the clutches of the Cats!

Oski Wee Wee,

I am just 'funning you' Russ but if only that darn Charlie
would get in touch with the modern world we live in,

all of this could have been like tha O.J. Simpson car chase
without the helicopters overhead or the video cameras.

He probably hasn't even heard of multi-tasking
and apparently he doesn't even use cell phones

He said in his press conference he had to go back to Baltimore
to phone the Tiger Cats and tell them what was going on.

If he had a cell phone he could have also called Rickie Zzzzz
as he was speeding back from WVU to his home in Baltimore,

and tell him that he was struggling to remain a Tiger Cat,

then, on the weekend as he drove between Baltimore
and Pennsylvania he could call Rickie Zzzzz again

and repeat that breathe-taking non-news so Rick could get it out.

On the way home from Pennsylvania when it struck Charlie that
all he ever wanted to do was be the Tiger Cat Head Coach

he could have called Rickie Zzzz and dictated those fine words
all about how he always remained a Tiger Cat blah blah blah,

you know, the words issued as Ticats press release 4:15 pm Sun.

That way, Rick could have reported to the public several hours sooner.

Charlie's dictation would been much slower if his
hadn't helped him by holding onto the script that the Tiger Cats
faxed him Thursday when some bonehead got him into this miss.

If Charlie had only troubled himself to learn modern world skills
he could have held the script himself and read it to Rick
while driving at top highway speeds and eating a sandwich.

Step 1
Talk to your current employer about breaking the contract

Step 2
When your current employer says no you cannot break your contract phone your buddy and say no

Not hard at all

If I was offered a job while under contract the first thing I'd do is check to see if I could be released from that contract. If the answer is yes I'd jump at the opportunity you describe. If the answer was no I'd swear a lot and eventually carry on in my old job vowing not to renew at the end of the contract under any circumstances.Bet you can see why I personally don't want Charlie staying on.

If I was offered a job while under contract the first thing I'd do is check to see if I could be released from that contract. If the answer is yes I'd jump at the opportunity you describe. If the answer was no I'd swear a lot and eventually carry on in my old job vowing not to renew at the end of the contract under any circumstances.Bet you can see why I personally don't want Charlie staying on.
Sorry but that seems like a poor strategy to me. I would talk with my family first because at the end of the day family is ALWAYS first. Maybe you disagree?

Why show my employeer my cards before you really need to. The job might not be worth it anyways, so why say you want to leave before you actually do.

Its not about showing your employer anything. Its about discovering if its even possible to leave. If you cannot then don't raise your hopes over nothing. There are plenty of ways to bring this up with your employer without getting fired. Heck many I know managed to get a raise out of the deal. The thing is that if he DID ask for permission as he states why did Mitchell say he couldn't leave. The entire episode makes no more sense today than last week. Somebody needs to be fired over this and frankly I have no idea who that is. I do know that Taffe was actively considering the job and handled the questions of his intent very poorly even if he did have permission and frankly even if he's not to blame I think this reflects poorly on him and I wouldn't want him back if there were any other practical choices

You're fired.

Hey guys, theres a whole bunch of untruth going on. These guys (Obie, Mitchell and Taffe) are all reading from a different script. I don't think I'm overreacting at all. One of the 3 should be fired

Gee, I wonder which one. Got anyone in mind? :roll:

Actually no. I have no idea who's being forthright and who's not. On the surface it looks like Mitchell is off script but he's the one who should be writing the script. Very strange

Wow. Mitchell. Didnt see that coming.

Sorry Zontar I said I don't know.