Tips for Charlie: How to answer a cell phone call

This is the best thing I could come with right away from Googling:

[url=] ... ing-School[/url]

That is how to answer a call while at school. LMAO

Perhaps someone on the Ticats staff could print this out for Charlie:

If you get a call, say, from Ken Peters or Rick Zamperin...and you really, really, really want to issue a FLAT DENIAL that you're leaving the Cats, for example: PRESS THE "ON" BUTTON ON YOUR PHONE TO ANSWER. Unless you have set it up so that you can press any button to reply.

I know it's tough but anyone who can design a phonebook-sized playbook can do it.

For more information, don't bother to call a Morgantown number. Safer that way.

You got me! :wink:

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Oski Wee Bullcookie,

Hehe. Finally something worth reading around here :wink:

Even though THAT is what most people do
when there is a possible job opportunity,

many fans who post here are thinking with
their emotions so that logic escapes them.

A very likely scenario, snoopalong.

It's very refreshing to read common sense.

Even if the Ticats told Charlie
he better live up to his contract

because they wouldn't let him go
without suing everybody involved.

How often does a pro sports franchise
win out over an employee under contract

who would have liked to move on?

We should celebrate this rare victory.

Why keep moaning because Charlie
pondered a possible job opportunity?


Even though the WVU situation
was more attractive, fortunately,

Charlie wasn't unhappy here

and I am sure he will
put in %100 effort here.

That is likely what happened, my only problem with that is the fact that we heard very little from Charlie. What we did hear was very different from what he said yesterday. I would have had no problem with him saying he was considering the offer from the very start.

I don't know if it really mattered if he said from the start he was considering an offer from WVU. I think that would be just stating the obvious and maybe add to the confusion in some respects. Sometimes things are best left unsaid until he knew exactly what he was going to do, despite what some paper reports.

Head coaches are not obligated to speak to the media. Football teams have people on payroll that substantiate or deny rumours for the media.

A coach that goes off script and responds to Internet rumours and gossip ends up in a whole heap of trouble.

Way to use that call display, Charlie.

That is just complete nonsense.

I realize he is under contract but let the guy take a day or two to think over what would be an amazing opportunity. The press jumped in did allow him to think the situation out properly.

If someone offered you a job would you not want to take the time and speak with your family?

  • Closer to home.
  • At one of the best schools...with a great returning class.
  • Chance to work with a long time friend
  • Son would receive a full ride to a top US program.

A tough decision for anyone and he chose to return.

If I had a contract I’d honour it and I’d ask for permision to talk about other jobs.

Which may be exactly what HE did.

And if they said no, and there was a need to address it publicly, I'd say "I am and remain fully committed to my current team". Case closed, end of story, none of anyone's business whether and what was offered, and under what circumstances it was turned down.

No coach in his right mind conducts his personal discussions and negotiations in the media, or on fan websites.

I know if I got a sweet job offer Im discussing it with my family before anything.

BINGO! :wink:

That is what Charlie should have told the Cats (first) and a combination of Peters and/or Zamperin when the first Canadian media enquiries about the situation would be made.

It is called being above board and having nothing to hide/spin/bunkerize, allowing the team and the coach involved (Taaffe) to be ahead of the story – as is the case with Kent Austin and Ole Miss. Instead, you have Mitchell running around with a mop because of a West Virginia media story and Obie later admitting that Charlie was indeed mulling over his options.

All he had to do was say “I need a couple of days to talk things over with my folks and with the Cats.”

Better still: clear a deadline with the Cats re that consideration. Give it 48-72 hours. Tell the media that if possible.

The Cats would then have had time to come up with a strategy re compensation with WVU in the event Charlie walked. If the divorce had to happen, then it would be quicker than waiting for white smoke to emanate from Charlie’s enclave, announcing a change in big hats for our hero.

What did we get? Statements that basically stated that he loves us all but didn’t go bye-bye.

The perception I have from this imbroglio is that the smoke that ensued stinks. Too much billowing for my liking!

Oski Wee Wee,

I’ll add my “Bingo” to that! :wink:

how 'bout a "Tips for not reporting rumours as truth" for our HAM sports media outlets? The idea that Taaffe forced CHML and The Speculator into printing rumour as truth is laughable... keeping sports media outlets from printing rumour as truth is NOT his job... and BTW, where is CHML's/The Spec's retraction, just as the original WV reporter had done, for reporting that Taaffe had left with no proof other than multiple denials.

His job was coach of the Ticats. His job was not to go searching for a better deal if he could get out of his contract here!

Don't get me wrong...I'm not defending the mistakes that were made all around by media types...but I've seen and read enough to form an opinion on someones word! :wink:

I agree with the notion that the idea that Taaffe forced local media to print rumour as truth is laughable. Who said he forced anyone?

Keeping sports media outlets from printing rumour as truth is NOT his job. His job is to coach the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. So anything that might cause that relationship to be compromised should be avoided. I would think...

What it does entail is to have a working approach with the local and CFL-related media where professionalism is aimed for. That means the coach gets ahead of every story that may cast his staff, players, and the organization in a negative light that involves him either operationally-speaking or in terms of his command of the locker room. Instead, you get four days of brouhaha instead of being up front thus:

  1. Aprising your employer of the situation;
  2. Working out a timeframe with that employer re how long one needs to consider another job, if such permission is granted;
    2A) Announcing 1) and 2) in a prepared statement and speaking to ONE local media outlet on the record about that statement;
  3. Assess the opportunity, talk with folks, keep the employer in the loop;
  4. Announce the decision to the employer first;
  5. Discuss the m.o. to proceed with the employer;
  6. Release a statement to the press detailing a short chronology of events in concert with the employer;
  7. Answer questions in Morgantown or Hamilton.

What we got was media f-ups, rumour thereof, Mitchell sincerely stating the blade would not fall on yonder Charlie's head while wading through the pool of speculation that was out there...

Obie was THE clearest revelator of the whole business: Charlie has an offer, he wants to sleep on it, etc. etc.

The best way to cut through speculation is to be clear short of revealing all in the backroom WTH is going on in a timely, up front way. Kent Austin and Eric Tillman have been exemplary through the Ole Miss dalliance. To suggest that Taaffe's procedures during his "walk in the snow" moment have been to that standard IS laughable.

I can't speak for the CHML/Spec situation. However, when the cat's away (Taaffe), the rodents can play. Duh.

Oski Wee Wee,

You're not likely to see that - the Spec, for it's part, had their two write long opinion pieces on what Charlie should have done differently to clear up the mess. Ignoring the fact that it wasn't a mess until some shoddy journalism of the type they practice made it a mess.

Oh, and they both pointed out that Cats twice issued statements stating that their HC is indeed their HC, as if to point out the ridiculousness of that action. Again, neglecting to mention that those statements were ONLY NECESSARY because of some second rate journalists reporting, incorrectly, that he was already someone else's HC.

Of course, neither mentioned that what really has them all in a bother is that the Cats and Taaffe didn't return their calls.

How about an expose on how shoddy reporting can spiral out of control and create crisis situations out of everyday events.

I am glad to read some posts from people
who are sympathetic to Charlie's dilemma.

To the others...

False reports that Charlie had joined WVU
came out from the U.S. on Thursday

[they were repeated by CHML' Rick Zamperin.]

That same day...Thursday.....

Charlie spoke twice to Scott Mitchell
and once with his immediate boss Obie.

He told Obie that he needed to
think over a possible job offer.

Obie informed the media

When Charlie decided on things on Sunday,
a press release was issued to the media.

It seems that things were done right

What bugs us fans is being in limbo
until Charlie decided what to do.

We serious fans can't say that
we didn't know what was going on.


One thing..that press release?

It was scheduled for 4:00 pm Sunday

it wasn't posted here until 4:15 pm.

tsk tsk tsk

His job was coach of the Ticats. His job was not to go searching for a better deal if he could get out of his contract here!

Don't get me wrong...I'm not defending the mistakes that were made all around by media types...but I've seen and read enough to form an opinion on someones word!

Well first, he didn't go looking for a job...the offer came to him.

You can not possibility tell me if someone came to you with a better job than you currently had, you would not go home to your wife and speak to her about it?

  • Roughly the same money (plus tons of perks)
  • Closer to home
  • Better Facilities
  • Top US program
  • Son gets free ride to a top US College

All those factors are huge seeing how his time with his family is minimum throughout the year. I'm sorry but that is enough for me to think about.