Tip of the hat to Kent Austin

You can see from his actions on the sidelines that he's been making an effort not to let his emotions get the better of him. He hasn't lost his intensity, but as he mentioned in a recent interview, he's trying to channel his emotional energy in more constructive ways. I think he and the team will be all the better for it. Big thumbs up.

I liked how he handle Madu after the dropped TD pass.
Told him to relax and patted him on the helmet.

Of course, then Madu went out and fumbled in the last minute, so what do I know?

He was intense when screaming at the idiot fans that threw them footballs on to the field. Didn't them idiot fans realize that if a player stepped on one of them footballs they could have slipped and twisted an ankle???

Kent Austin is by far the best Coach/GM in my opinion in the CFL, he is a players coach, Yes agreed he wanted to build his team here Hamilton but he won't be satisfied until he builds a winner, were not there yet, lots of work to do and we need to get starters healthy again, same problem as last year (more so last year). Now with a new era starting in Tiger-Caty football, new stadium, new home for the Cats and healthy players like Zach returning we should be able to make a great run for number one in the East and the playoffs.

Quick note: The Madu dropped pass from Collaros where he was wide open for a sure TD reminded me of C.J. Gable's drop against the Argo's in the first game last year, wide open, drop pass just over the middle, sure TD in sight, dropped pass Ahhh No!!


You are kidding about THEM footballs right? Were you there yesterday? Did you have one of THEM mini footballs in your hand? THEM footballs are pure decoration and have no weight to THEM. If THEM Argos stepped on THEM they wouldn't even notice.

I'm not sure there's time to tip a hat towards the coach yet...I see our defensive coach is on line now..."well done"...but the offensive coaching was terrible at times ,with 1st & goal and they send in the 3rd string quarterback....5 out of 6 people at my Labour Day party said as follows::: "watch this,no imagination, up the middle and a fumble"...some of these people know very little about football and even they were making jokes about the coaching...and Oh yes...maybe Austin may want to work on handling the clock with under a minute...you don't run up the middle..you only position the ball for the field goal(if needed) and kill the clock the same time...and eliminate the chance of fumbling the ball...but you all saw what happened...unbelievable rookie coaching mistakes...if I did that coaching my high school team I would be run out of town...we got very lucky...nice return for Collaros.

I won't defend every decision Austin makes, but I think your criticisms of those two specific plays are misplaced. QB sneak by the backup on first and goal from the one is not "an unbelievable rookie coaching mistake". Unimaginative perhaps, but it is a high percentage play that gets called by coaches across the league throughout the season. Maybe not every time, but a lot of the time. The problem was in execution, not in play call.

And re: running the ball up the middle: even a successful FG would leave the window open for Toronto to steal the win with a touchdown on the ensuing possession. If Madu makes a first down, they keep the ball and can run out the clock in victory formation without letting Toronto touch it again. Again, I'd argue the problem on that play was execution, not the call.

I agree, that was not a coaching mistake but an execution mistake (as seems to be the norm) with Masoli. You don't reach over a big pile of players like that unless you are sure you will get the ball over the goal line. He wasn't close enough, the ball never clossed the plain of the goal line and of course, someone slapped it out of his hands. I don't claim to be a coach (pros or High School even) but the play calling makes me shake my head in bewilderment.


I was there yesterday and yes it could have caused an injury. BUT the more likely scenario would be Hamilton being assessed a delay of game penalty. Imagine that happening on the final Toronto drive? You never know what would have happened if Ray had a second shot at the end zone! We lose and there is a thread today about the idiotic fan who through a ball on the field and cost us a game.

The point of a good offense is to fool the defense...that play call on the one didn't fool anyone...and on the other play you kill enough time "before" the field goal that the other teams has no time left...you would ran the last 20 seconds off with the field goal try if tried at all.

haha they'd never call the penalty. what if it was an Arhole fan throwing it on the field?

anyways yah I thought Austin was going to climb into the stands lol

I definitely don't point my finger at Austin. His coaching, play calling was just fine. It's not his fault a player dropped a sure touchdown. Masoli fumbling on the one yard line, or Madu fumbling on the last 30 seconds of the game. That is the players fault not Austin's. He's not out there playing.

Anyway, this game wouldn't have been close if those plays were made. I'm glad we won and at least those mistakes didn't cost us the game. Let's not get started on the penalties either, lol.

There was a ball thrown on the field during the last drive. (Or it may have been Hamilton's final possession before the fumble.) The ref on that side just went and threw it off the field. If there had been a bunch, maybe he calls a penalty.

I thought the point of a good offence was to score points while managing the clock. Keeping the defence guessing is a good way to do this, but not in all cases.

Remember the Chicago Bears using "The Fridge" at fullback on short yardage years back? Everyone knew he was getting the ball, and everyone knew exactly where he was going with it. So why did the Bears do it every time? Because it worked almost every time.

And going with Masoli on short yardage almost always works as well. The play call was not the mistake. The mistake was not reminding Masoli that it was first down, and that on first and second down, keeping the ball is more important than getting the touchdown.

Dan would have had that TD :smiley:

the fridge????????? Keeping the defense guessing on every play is the way to do it...Coaching is there to remind players like Masoli of such things...too many on this form are plainly afraid to criticize coaching...in sports crap flows up hill right to the Head Coach...that's why he gets the big bucks.

It's not the coach's fault that Masoli can't hang on to the ball.