tip for qb's and recievers

Put a yellow lens in your helmet. Yellow lens cut out the horrible blue light and it makes looking at things not suck. something like this :

this is especially important in the fall/winter when the sun is always at a low annoying angle. I hope the coaching staff reads this! It would be worth a practice round for sure.

You would almost think that sun in a receivers eyes is a new phenomenon. Must have something to do with climate change.

ya I'm surprised yellow lens are not standard across the board. Even regular folks like me can have great ideas. I seriously hope the coaching staff reads this. One more advantage for the cats. Post game during the labor day classic Jeremiah said it can be hard to see that back section of field when the game is at around 4pm. Yellow lens is the easiest win for sure. Hopefully the other teams won't read this!

If this yellow lense was so foolproof then it would indeed be standard. But it might also introduce new problems such as peripheral vision distortions as well as the lens fogging up.

Hold on. I think the biggest tip, for the next couple of weeks, for any TiCat with the ball in his hands is protect it. The way the RedBlack defenders go for the ball, you’d think Adam Bighill was their strip coach. They do it often and well.

It’s been a thing for a while now, I remember Chris Therrien being one of the first hockey guys to wear a tinted visor (yellow) for the flyers back about 15 years ago (give or take)

They also used to market this sort of thing for golfers to help read breaks in the greens better.

Interestingly enough, a buddy of mine had a pair with dark green lenses for softball. Made the yellow ball look BRIGHT WHITE. (yes I meant to scream the “bright white” part for emphasis, it looked that bright)

get one for Mike Jones…

Just get him any helmet without a facemask. :wink: