Timothy Kealii Awa Chang.

Love that name! Sounds so warrior like. I happened across his name in Wikepedia. Can you believe even they are suggesting it doesn't look good for a Jason Maas start against the Alouettes? LOL


I can beleive it… ever since the final 5 minutes in the 2nd Q against the blue team. I think Taaffe not annnouncing the starter is more posturing than anything, making it LOOK like Maas has a chance to start when in fact Maas be the Damon Allen of the Cats… Williams will backup Chang IMO.

I WOULD LOVE to see Chang up against Calvillo! Besides Chang needs a whole game to assess his capabilities. Maas had his two chances fair and square and we're still at square one. He stunk it up again against our hated rivals and that's not good enough for the Hamilton Tiger Cats. We need to move on.

I agree... however that being said... the O-Line NEEDS to be accountable and STEP up for this kid... they have to give him time to read the play as it shapes up and make the necessary adjustments, I think he needs to hone his options skills altho his scrambling abilities does allow him a bit more time to find open receivers than Maas. I have noticed in BOTH games when he was put in the offense just seems to seem livlier and with time will click on a more consistant basis!!

That is why we need a moblie QB until the line gets up to par. Maas is not that moblie.

As big a fan of Changs as I am, I would still start Maas. Why risk Chang behind a lousy O-line, trying to complete passes to mediocre receivers? Even the second coming of Doug Flutie wouldn't be able to singlehandedly turn this team around. The Cats just don't have the horses. I think Taafe would want to put Chang into a situation where he stands a chance of winning and not demoralizing him and irreparably damaging his confidence.

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You guys are asking for too much. All i want is a Center who won't snap the ball too high on every snap. After we get that, then we'll talk about the O-line.

Any time you bring someone new into the game in the QB slot things are bound to be off count!!!

Chang is a good QB but the center was snapping the ball for Maas....its gonna happen!

If Chang starts a game and has a good week of practice as #1 then you'll see the O line work better with him.
As long as he doesn't throw up too may interceptions.

Still think Maas will start but who know's with all this new good luck stuff going on lol

I do want to see what he's got, either way I'll be cheering my a$$ off in Box I !!!!!


Pardon the intrusion of an Eskies fan, but I would say to T'Cats and their fans; give Maas and Chang a chance. The early defeats cannot be blamed on them alone. Its a new group, no one has gelled yet. From what I understand, Chang was good in Hawaii. And when Maas had a group of people that he knew, was comfortable with, and who knew his style, as was the case in Edmonton in 04 and when Maas was needed for a slumped Ray in the 05 playoffs, he did very well making good things happen.

Just give your QBs time, and time for the rest of the team to be brought in tandem with eachother, and things will turn around.

It might make a difference when the QB is under centre, but a shotgun snap is a shotgun snap, unless you're going from a 6'4 QB to a 5'9 QB. Maas and Chang are the same height.

The QBs may be the same height but by the time Chang gets into the game, the center is 5" shorter after the pounding this O-line takes.

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