Timothy Cheatwood


I heard this guy retired. But looking at the program, it says he is on the 9-week injury list, and on the Als website, he is on the injury list.

Does this mean, we might still see #49 in an Als uniform this season?

At training camp, he "retired" because of his injury. With him retiring, the Al's could bring in another "body" at camp.

Then he was put on the 9 week injured list, after camp.

He was at practise 2 weeks ago when I was there.

Really? Was he just standing around watching or was he doing any light workouts?

Light workouts, no pads and a lot of "stretching" with physiotherapist. That was on July 29th & August 5th, situation must have changed by now.

He should be off 9 week injured list on August 30th.

Hey...thanks for the info! The defense is playing so well right now. I wonder who will be the odd ones out when he, along with guys like Strickland and Sanchez are ready to come back.

That will be interesting. I think Hill has been very steady replacing Strickland, and I doubt they'd consider sitting Ferri.

Sanchez I thought was having his best season ever when he got hurt, so I don't think there's any question but that Hendrix sits when he returns.

When I talked to Sanchez on the 25th, he told me it might take 6-8 weeks, I expect him to be back around mid-septmeber...