So I posted a thread about a week ago called "Face it, Hamiltonians love Timmy Chang!" 60% agreed. I bet you those numbers are up to around 75-80% as of July 1st!!

After the game last night, the announcers were talking about Toronto and Hamilton both pulling their starters in game 1. Three out of four on the panel said the Cats need to stay with Jason Maas still. Yet all four of them were praising timmy chang. Interesting. 0-1 is no time to hit the panic button....i think it was the whole BLOWOUT part that stinks!!!

Some positives:

Zeke Moreno, Corey Holmes, JoJo Walker, Brock Ralph, and the "PHENOM" Jesse Lumsden!!!!!!

Stay positive.

Which panel? CBC? It was split. Millington and Frers said stick with Maas, Khari was adamant that it is time for Chang -- and Friedman agreed with Khari.

Oski Wee Wee,

Really? I thought for sure it was 3 out of 4…my bad I guess. At least someone is paying attention!

Brock Ralph was a positive? HOW?!?!

I was going to ask that very same question.

Brock Ralph is a mistake. He can't even line up without going offside. He's a total non-return of a good investment.