Timmy Is NOT the future of the TI-Cats

Timmy does not have the ability to play in the CFL as a starter for atleast a few years and im not just going off the game but jitters or no jitters on some of those passes to the sidelines It was to slow hes lucky he wasnt picked of more Now i agree with Taafe in pulling Chang but the one thing that Taafe needs to realize that when u pull a qb at half time the back up in this case jason mass is going up against an already fired up defence.. we would have a team that would be in contention if we had a DECENT O LINE 1 or 2 reliable recievers Jason Mass at Pivot and maybe a few Db's who can actually cover on deep plays and u would see a totally different season

P.s. the main problem with our Db's is the constant change in personnel I agree with Tay cody as a safety but just keep the same personnel in for more then 1 game before shipping someone off

Sorry, but it's too soon to tell if Chang can play. He played as badly as it's possible to play yesterday but he wasn't rattled or lose his composure. As Taafe said afterwards, his passing mechanics were off (i.e. nerves). He'll get better. How much better? who knows but we need to find out and that's why he needs to start again.

Remember, he was without Lumsden, his O-line was being beaten physically by the Argos as Chris Schultz pointed out and his receivers didn't do much to help him.

An Argo-Cat fan

I remember as a Hab fan, many people saying in Guy Lafleur’s first year the guy just wouldn’t make it big in the NHL. Enough said.

Typical knee jerk Ticat fan reaction.

Hamilton Fans are Fickle .
It better Timmy Find this out now ..
Kid would done better if had some Pass Blocking and of our WR would ran the Routes Better.

Also the lack Running Game help Get timmy Pulled.

Again Hamilton Fans Are Fickle..

Exactly, it takes patience with a rookie q.b. And I'll admit I was wrong, I really thought Chang would have been more ready than that but our coaching staff is partly to blame for that and also in this system we really need Jesse in there, Toronto did not care about Davis at all and where all over Timmy like a bunch of junk yard dogs.

sounds like just like i predicted we will run another 25 year old potential qb outta town.
C A L V I L L O.

I agree Tom.

Chang wasn't getting it done and before this loss the season was not a write off.

I support Chang as a possible future starter, but to keep him out there when he was obviously ineffective would do nothing for his development.

Chang starts next week and keeps starting until he either solidifies himself for next year or makes it clear he's still a #2.

GIve him time, especially now that the playoffs aren't a question.

I don't think this will happen. Although if we do land Casey Printers, I think you'll see Maas gone and Chang and Williams learning from Printers. But lets give Chang some time here.

There are no guarantees that Chang is or isn't going to have a future here but he needs at least 2 or 3 seasons to develop. Now that the season is almost officially lost for the Cats this is the perfect time to start him too. No one expects anything from the Cats for the rest of this year so there should be minimal pressure on Chang's shoulders. I say give Chang a couple more games and then let Chang and Williams fight for the starting job of the last 3 or 4 games.

A bit premature to say the least.

Under such logic, Terry Bradshaw would have been gassed in Pittsburgh way before his four Super Bowl rings. It takes months just to have an educated guess sometimes unless the athlete is a phenom a la John Elway.

You cannot go by A HALF of a man's first start and extrapolate career trends from that. Seriously.

Oski Wee Wee,

Chang should start this Saturday against these same A___'s. And for the rest of the season unless a new starter is brought in.
We (and Chang) need to see if he is part of this team's future.
I would rather see Chang continue with Williams as a back-up than waste one more play with Maas. He has had more than enough chances and now that our season may as well be over, its time to experiment and plan for 2008.

Go with Chang and Williams the rest of the way.We already know what Maas can or cannot do. Flutie wasn’t the “man” in B C right from the getgo. Let the kids play and develop and as for Maas, Tony Soprano might say “Whatya gonna do?”
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

the guys has played two quarters of football and people have written him off. TSK TSK

regardless if he had good numbers or not. he had a taste of experience yesterday & in a real pressure cooker with our rivals. I would throw him in again soon to see if he can adjust, get his timing down and play with some confidence. He will get better.

part of a learning curb for Chang and the ticat organization.

Maas will be payed in full , he isnt going anywhere . Chang should be the 3rd stringer right where he belongs as a rookie QB .

You would pay Printers huge money and then not have an adequate backup if he gets hurt ?? Why waste money on a starter if you dont want to win ??? Maas would make a great backup if Printers were to come here !!!


The FIRST thing a QB NEEDS is an ARM with which to throw the damn ball - Chang DOES NOT have it.

It is almost as if I was the ONLY one watching his balls FLOAT out of his hands. Not to mention his POOR Accuracy.

I don't NEED a season of watching this kid ... I just KNOW he DOES NOT have that "IT" required to play the QB position at a PRO Level.

You can MAIL this prediction to the Smithsonian, because like everything else there ... Chang is HISTORY.


how can anyone use our offence as any indication of our qb's arms?. 90% of the time yesterday our qb's had about 1.6 seconds to throw, how can the ball go deep when you can't even set up to throw it deep in the first place.

how can anyone use our offence as any indication of our qb's arms?. 90% of the time yesterday our qb's had about 1.6 seconds to throw, how can the ball go deep when you can't even set up to throw it deep in the first place.
I don't know, HOW do you explain ANY TALENT ? You either have IT, or you DON'T ... I, for example can SPOT TALENT ... in a VARIETY of fields ... not just Football. HOW ? I dunno ... I JUST CAN!


talent is one thing but you need a working offence around you, something we haven't had here in a long time.
williams may be the guy i see all the talent you see, but he can only do so much