Timmy Chang

If timmy chang is traded what do you think we would get back for him ? Maybe t.j acree ? or some sort of wr . Maybe Flick and smith :lol:

Not getting into the discussion of who, what, or if anything we can get for Chang. It won't be Flick for sure, can't trade an injured player

Seems to me that I said something similar to this earlier... STRICTLY in jest.

Why, oh why, do we continue to get these threads about "What would we get for ...?"

It may be fun, but it's not real.
How much would you get if you sold something on the open market? EXACTLY WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PAY.

What would we get for Chang? Exactly the same thing. If some team needs a third stringer, and right now that's only the Blue team, you'd get what they're willing to pay, no more, no less.

It doesn't matter what we think about his value, because we're not buying him. Now, if some team suddenly loses two QB's to injuries, maybe there is a market. Until then.......

Oh look Kids...another Timmy Chang thread. Haven't seen this beaten to absolute death lately. How refreshing.

Fill me in guys, I noticed Timmy was in civies during the last two games.
Is he injured or on the practice roster?
I still consider him either a 2nd stringer and yes ahead of Richie Williams, but most definitely a 3rd.
He did have a good pre season.

He's our fourth string quar...umm...[coughs] ah, yes...he is injured.

Haha, play nice people.

If Michael Bishop is on the block, then Chang will have a hard time getting traded anywhere for a while.

I like Chang. I'm not jumping off the band wagon yet.

I remember last years home opener when Chang went in and the entire stadium cheered.

Chang just has to learn the Canadian game and then he will be fine. He'll play similar to Danny Mac... throw a lot of INT's but also score a lot of TD's and throw for big yardage.

Never trade QBs!!!

As much as I hate to admit this...I thought it was a good idea to trade Cavillo way back when.

Edmonton traded Maas and did alright.

Hey maybe my Argos can trade two for one, Bishop and Joseph for your Chang?

Obviously they'd also have to throw in Arland Bruce III, too.

I believe that another sticking point to this trade would be that the Blue Team would also have to provide 4 Kegs of beer to the loyal Ticats tailgaters.

Chang is safe. LOL

Riders will have Crandell back in due course. If any backup in the league gets traded to the Riders, it will be Bishop IMHO. Not sure that will happen though.

Oski Wee Wee,