Timmy Chang

Kind of surprised that Timmy is not being used as the holder for Nick Setta.We missed a field goal tonight,and on the replay you could see that the ball was not put down perfectly.I have been to the training camps in the last 2 years and noticed that Timmy can do the job effortlessly.Why not use him?You know the old saying,if it ain't broke?Well,I hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.Having a kicker being comfortable with his holder is very important.GO CATS.

He's injured. I didn't see him on the sidelines tonight and we were sitting behind the Cats' bench.

An Argo-Cat fan

He is hurt

I've said it before...I'll say it again...I think you will see Chang traded out west...FAR WEST!...

I think he has the talent to be a premier QB in this league!

He needs to get some playing time and I think O'bie is working on a win-win for Timmy and the team!

Does anyone know what the extent of his "injuries" are? :wink:

I wish Timmy was holding the ball, too. Not because I think that is what cause the missed field goal but because I really think he's going to be great.

Now, the missed field goal...

It was from 52 yards out. Relax. This isn't Jamie Boreham missing 17 yarders! Setta is STILL by far the best kicker in the CFL.

Umm, DeAngelis?

Not trying to say one is better than the other, but "by far the best" is an overstatement.

How about "one of the best?"

Oh yeah, and he also missed a 39-yarder....not just the 52.

That one could've hurt us but I'm glad it didn't.

All the Kick are off this year
It just Nick..

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*gets up off the floor, catches breath *

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    LMAO :lol: :lol: :lol:

If you look at the vid on the FG that hit the upright, it was "laces out" and the ball drifted that way. Remember the Ace Venture movie? Anyway, GREAT win Tabbies!!!!

Hey section 31...gimme a break will ya??? :wink:

If your going to quote me...quote the whole thing! I qualified what I said by saying he needs some playing time... and the only way he will get that is by being something more than practise or injured reserve!

He needs someone to work with him and develop! He does have talent...why would you laugh at that? The guy can run and throw the ball long.

I'm not saying that he won't get a chance to do that here...what I'm saying is that his value to this team will be more further down the road and we don't have the luxury of waiting to develop that talent RIGHT NOW! If things out in BC don't look good...I'll bet a trade will happen!

This team wants to win a GC before the end of this decade and as such O'Bie will need to trade to acheive that goal.

Why is he on "injured reserve"?

Don't laugh...debate!

We have a nice problem right now...a healthy #1 QB...a capable back-up at #2 and a couple of good #3's (at least our coaching staff thinks so)

I don't think he will stay on injured reserve very long!

How about we send him to AFL2 where another player with "premier QB talent" is. :lol:

He's injured. I didn't see him on the sidelines tonight and we were sitting behind the Cats' bench.

I read in the Spec last week that they put him on injured reserve ONLY so that they could get a better look at Quinton Porter.

I can't find any media reports anywhere specifying Timmy Chang's injury or how long he will be out. I doubt he's injured. I guess you gotta put somebody on injured reserve if you want 4 QBs on the team.

By George, I think you've got it, aman.

8) You're exactly right !!! I noticed that right away myself when they showed the replay !!!!!!

No kidding! At least some of us understand the workings of the practise and injured reserve. :roll:

We are in an enviable position Right Now! As the season progresses and QB's falter or get hurt...if our guys are in good shape then O'bie will make a move!

No kidding! At least some of us understand the workings of the practise and injured reserve. :roll:


Woody and ron:
Don't hurt yourselves patting each other on the back.
I don't think either one of you have "got it".
I think Chang is dangling by a thread with this team and could very well lose the #4 spot or be traded if Quinton Porter looks as good as we have seen so far in his brief appearance.
Lets wait until Obie makes his move on #3 before reaching any conclusions.
As for "I think he has the talent to be a premier QB in this league!".....you astound me. What has he done since he arrived last year (other than hold the ball well for Setta) that remotely qualifies him to be in this category? Is there something that many of us have missed?

he definatly has the talent,he holds numerous ncaa records, wait til he develops, he'll be something special


Too bad people don't read what people post!

Mr.62cats...Perhaps you should go back and read the entire thread.

You just might find the part where I said he needs to play and be developed...AND the part where I said I beleive he will be traded by O'bie!

I also believe that he is on the "injured reserve" because that way he can stay the property of the Cats and free up space for someone else. (In other words...get something for him rather than just outright release him)

I don't think he has a physical injury...but, maybe someone else knows better?

Just the same...let's not argue the point. Let's sit back and see what happens...feel free to bring this back up if you feel you have a need to rub it in someones face at some point in time! :wink: