Timmy Chang Was Set Up to Fail

I smell a rat!

Former coach Greg Marshall told it like it is recently. Some people will do anything (anything) to cover their a##, to say "I told you so," all in the name of saving their own job, allowing them to continue blundering through their days.

Yesterday Timmy Chang was thrown to the wolves to be made the most recent fall guy for the ineptness within the Tiger Cat team management. It was obvious that he was too raw to start, just as coach Taaffe has professed since day one, and just as any astute football person would agree. What in the world changed Charlies mind so quickly? Why did he give the start to Chang? To appease the bunch of numbskulls who were calling for Chang to start? Absolutely not! Chang started because the primary sharks (Taaffe and Desjardins) in the organization are sensing, and rightly so, their job security is at risk and the undesirable attention on them had to be deflected.

In brief, Timmy, with his extremely limited pro experience was inserted to start this high profile game for a lame duck "Charlie/Marcel" team who was missing their only bright spot this year. (Jesse L) With Jesse out and no running attack how could he suceed? He couldn't and Charlie knew that. Only Superman could have guide this mockery of a team to a win this day. But Charlie was gambling that the fans would forget that Superman is a myth and turn their attention back to soley blaming player performance for the teams miseries. Chang was hung out to dry!

By half time, Charlie felt his 'told you so' gig had pretty well played it self according to plan. So, it was back to business as usual, Maas started the second half, and the Labour Day failure gets blamed on Chang, the designated goat.

PS: Some will say Chang was announced as the starter before Jesse was determined unable to play. Even if that is true, Maas should have been reinstated to start. That is best, unless you have more regard for your own job than that of a promising QB.

Whether the optics are as bus-bottom throwing as you've portrayed it or not, the fact remains the transition to the new day (even in terms of a tandem) should have been started weeks ago. Putting Chang in against arguably the most adept defensive unit in the league was a lark at best, granted.

Oski Wee Wee,

Throw in Scott Mitchell's meeting with the 2 of them
and Dan Rambo breathing down Marcel Desjardins neck

and your explanation may not be
far from the truth, laughinghard.

I've been calling for Chang to start for a while now,
but I thought it strange to start him in one of the most pressure filled situations you can get in Southern Ontario football. Why not start him on the road? Common practise with rookie goalies in the NHL.

I've been reading all the bring him along gradually, don't kill his confidence stuff and then they do this.
And yanking him after the first half? How's that help his confidence or his learning curve?
I say go with him as the starter for the rest of the season. Show him some faith and see what he's got. Next season starts now!

A lot of organizations, from what I've heard, throw their employees in a "sink or swim" situation and see what happens. And sometimes it makes for better workers, sometimes not. Maybe this is what Chang wanted also, lots of things going on here.

On the positive, I think Timmy knows what the CFL is sorta all about now, he's getting a feel for things to put it bluntly.

While Chang is a professional football player and should be prepared to come in at anytime. I sort of agree, starting him in probably the biggest game of the season was a BIG chance.

Granted, if he played half decent, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But he didn't and neither did Maas when he came in.

Its plain to see we have bigger issues then who is the starting QB.

There is no good time to start a QB that isn't ready. Taaffe could have started him this week, next week, or two weeks from now and it all would've ended up the same.

Start him on the road? I don't see any advantage to this. What about crowd noise? What about almost every team in professional football having a better record at home then on the road? There are pros and cons to every game.

The bottom line is, when you add an inexperienced rookie QB to an already struggling offence, it doesn't exactly spell recipe for success.

I'm "laughing hard" at all of these posts.

Where is this best defence nonsense coming from? The team was 2-6 coming into this game and somehow they have arguably the best defence in the league? I don't care what their QB situation was, every other team in the CFL can score on the Argos except us.

Oh yeah and ONE MORE THING!

If starting Chang at home against the second worst team in the league is not the right time to start him, then honestly....what is!?!?

If he played defence, I would get that. Fact is that Rich Stubler and his boys on defence aren't a picnic and haven't been since he got there.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm okay with the Chang start yesterday, and this week's game in the Church like atmosphere in TO is fine with me as well. I'm fine with taking a good luck at Williams as well. Only 364 days 'til Labour Day 2008 and we best start getting prepared.

And to further that point, they are veteran laden defense which in most people’s opinion is the toughest to play against in the entire league. They have consistently kept the ____s in many games over the past years when they had no business being in games.

The one year they got great quarterbacking from Damon Allen, they won the Grey Cup!

They wouldn’t be 3 - 6 if they had a mediocre quarterback while Bishop was out.

I can guarantee the ____s will be in the East final if not the Grey Cup if they can keep Bishop healthy.

Sorry Als and Bombers fans, hate to say it, but its true.

  • paul

Yet no one said it ,we all hoped for him and when some of us ,mentioned the Argo defences powers others said that Chang has seen blitzing defences all his carreer in the NCAA!....

But the pro level is another thing.

How many years has it taken Bishop to mature?

How many times has he been given up for a loser arena QB on these forums?

He was firing bullets yesterday,again!

If you are going to put chang every one knows he will have limited plays to use.
Or was it to su*k fans in for the big day . Maybe a move like that will cost you at the gate because some fans me for one think that QB changes are made for the good of the team not the gate.

I'm not saying they have a bad defence by any stretch, nor did I say it would be a picnic. But "best" in the league? If you have the best D in the league you should not lose 5 straight games because Michael Bishop is hurt.

"Veteran laden" or not, I can't see any defence in which Timmy Chang would have been successful against yesterday.

So why are we now blaming the coach for giving him a shot as if this was some conspiracy to make Chang look bad and in turn make himself look better?

I can't believe some of the B.S. you people come up with.

I'm 100% certain there was NO conspiracy to sabotage Chang's start or throw the game to prove a point. The very idea is laughable.

How does setting Chang up for failure keep Charlie's job? Losing affects everyone's job, including Charlie and Marcel and Mitchel and Rambo. The whole gang suffers when the team fails.

Now, I heard the conspiracy theorists come bursting onto the scene when a past member began posting ranting tirades ranging from a bizarre french connection (Popp/Desjardins) to Bob demanding Maas start because of the past trade.

This is all stupid nonsense. There is no conspiracy. Everyone, from the lowest helmet polisher to Bob Young want to win and would NEVER sabotage their own team's efforts.

Give me a break.

What other rediculous excuses can we come up with?

Thank you!

I agree 100%.

A conspiracy theory?

I've got another; maybe Bob's a blue team fan.

I'm not saying there is a conspiracy theory, but that makes sence. Charlie should have waited till the last second before letting them know who the starter is. why give them an advantage?

Oh dear...and who said Tiger-Cat football isn't exciting in 2007? haha